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Monday Motivation


"Integrity comes from the word integer, which is a whole number in mathematics. Integrity is a mindset and the willingness to be and do what is wholly and completely right as defined by God, regardless of personal cost or place. Whether in public or in private, there is congruence." – Dr. David Jeremiah

In life, we all face struggles and the experience of being wronged. Sometimes, these experiences cause us to fight back without considering the consequences. However, the Bible teaches us that when we feel wronged, our first action should be to go directly to the person who wronged us. Doing so may bring clarity, and it can also bring forgiveness. Forgiveness, subsequently, brings wholeness – not just to the person who was wronged, but especially for the person who did wrong. That is integrity.

On Saturday, as I hurried through the cash register at Publix, trying to retrieve groceries, I watched a stately, elderly gentlemen ask the cashier to review his cash receipt. I could see the face of the young cashier twitch; the blond-haired, blue-eyed girl just knew the cash register had correctly captured all this gentleman's groceries.

"Yes," she replied, "it's correct. Have a great day!"

The stately gentleman stood resolute, then carefully responded, "Young lady, you bagged three boxes of crackers, and I only paid for two. Please help me correct this oversight."

I stood in awe of this sterling example of integrity being modeled in front of me, and I wondered how many people would have just walked away excited that they caught a lucky break and a free box of crackers.

Each day we are given choices. Our world usually focuses on what is visible and clearly obvious. But deep inside each of us is the choice to choose "wholeness" by acting with integrity, not only in public but also in private.

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