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Lawrenceville, GA

Laundry Aide

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The Bridge at Lawrenceville

Date Posted


Laundry Aide

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Job Description

Laundry Aide
The Bridge at Lawrenceville

Position type: Part-time
Shift: All shifts

Position Summary

The Laundry Aide performs day to day laundry services insuring residents? laundry needs are met in accordance with all laws, regulations and Century Park standards. Reports to the Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor.



  • High school graduate or equivalent preferred
  • Prior healthcare experience preferred

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Collects, sorts, washes, dries, folds and distributes all bed and bath linens to residents
  • Sorts soiled items requiring stain removal and/or treatment
  • Assists and/or launders residents? personal laundry in personal machines
  • Presses/irons garments as requested
  • Labels residents? personal laundry and linens as directed
  • Cleans dryer filters every 2 hours
  • Ensures adequate supply of laundry supplies are maintained for 24/7 use
  • Advises supervisor when laundry supplies are low
  • Keeps laundry carts clean and in good working order
  • Properly stores equipment, tools and supplies
  • Returns any ?found? items promptly
  • Reports any repairs, mechanical or equipment needs to supervisor
  • Reports any questionable resident behaviors or unacceptable conditions to supervisor
  • Reports any resident concerns or complaints to supervisor

Additional Requirements

  • Must enjoy serving seniors
  • Must demonstrate excellent customer service and hospitality
  • Must maintain resident and guest relations through a courteous, cooperative and understanding manner
  • Must demonstrate trustworthiness and dependability
  • Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action
  • Must be knowledgeable of laundry practices and procedures as well as the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing housekeeping functions in the post-acute care facility
  • Must perform proficiently in all competency areas including but not limited to: general housekeeping responsibilities, patient rights, and safety and sanitation
  • Maintains professional working relationships with all associates, vendors, etc.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all proprietary and/or confidential information
  • Must understand and follow company policies including harassment and compliance procedures
  • Displays integrity and professionalism by adhering to Century Park's Code of Ethics and completes all required compliance training

Who We Are

At Century Park Associates, we are dedicated to creating an enriching lifestyle for our residents and a rewarding work environment for our valued associates. We take pride in providing an atmosphere where relationships of trust, leadership and personal ethics are not only valued, but expected of all our associates. Our “people come first” approach ensures that excellence, respect and outstanding service are apparent in all we do as an organization. We believe in caring for and loving our residents and strongly support their ability to continue growing, learning and contributing. Every day, team members at Century Park Associates choose to go beyond their job descriptions, exceeding expectations, on behalf of their residents. They have learned that those who go the extra mile receive rewards - happiness of heart and peace of mind.

We offer competitive pay in a team-oriented environment.



LCAD 129872

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