Pointe Frontier Retirement

Floor Plans

Pointe Frontier Retirement in Cheyenne, Wyoming, offers a variety of apartment floor plans to meet your specific needs.

Because we encourage independence and individuality, all our apartments come unfurnished. Residents are able to make the space their own by bringing furniture or keepsakes from home.

All floor plans feature a microwave and mini-fridge in the kitchen area, as well as private baths with helpful devices such as grab bars or pull cords in the event you need assistance.


Our studio floor plans open into a quaint kitchen area with ample storage and cabinets. Beyond that lies a living area that functions as a bedroom, and a private bathroom is around the corner.

Pointe Frontier Retirement Studio

One Bedroom

Our one-bedroom options offer more space than our studio apartments. Opening into a larger kitchen area, the apartment welcomes you with a comfortable living and dining area. A private bedroom and bath lie adjacent to the living area. Floor plans include a large walk-in closet.

Pointe Frontier Retirement One Bedroom

Two Bedroom

The largest of our floor plans, the two-bedroom floor plan features a spacious community-style kitchen and living area. On either side of the central living space lie two private bedrooms with accompanying bathrooms. Some floor plans include a master bedroom with additional bathroom space and a large vanity area.

Pointe Frontier Retirement Two Bedroom

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