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About Us

Century Park

About Us

Century Park Associates was established to ensure that senior living communities receive the support necessary to allow them to focus on providing outstanding services and care to their residents. We began in 1979, as Retirement Centers of America, with the goal of providing quality home accommodations and services for America's growing number of active retirees. In 1988, the growing senior living company was formally incorporated as an independent management company, and a new name identity was created - American Lifestyle. In 2006, American Lifestyles became Century Park Associates.

Century Park Today

Today, Century Park Associates operates as an affiliate of Life Care Centers of America, with more than 40 independent and assisted living communities in 19 states. We are dedicated to creating an enriching lifestyle for our residents and a rewarding work environment for our valued associates.

We take pride in providing an atmosphere where relationships of trust, leadership and personal ethics are not only valued, but expected of our employees. And, our "people come first" focus ensures that excellence, respect and outstanding services are apparent in all we do as an organization.

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