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About Us

Mission & Values

About Us

We are dedicated to creating an enriching lifestyle for our residents and a rewarding work environment for our valued associates.

We take pride in providing an atmosphere where relationships of trust, leadership and personal ethics are not only valued, but expected of our employees.

And, our "people come first" focus ensures that excellence, respect and outstanding service are apparent in all we do as an organization.


Create a fulfilling environment where residents and associates thrive through community and belonging.


Create a climate where people feel valued.



Create a community of belonging while honoring the legacy of our founder and the sacredness of every soul.


Compassionately give of ourselves to benefit the needs of another.


Deliver quality results through accountability and by exceeding expectations.

Century Park Associates believes that leaders are stewards of business outcomes and the people who help produce those business outcomes. When it comes to building a culture of belonging, a leader’s influence can move an organization toward healing and dynamic growth.

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