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Century Park exists to serve each resident that blesses us with his or her presence. We celebrate these residents through Life in Progress – a blog dedicated to highlighting the unique qualities and beautiful memories that shape their lives, along with expert tips for seniors.


Resident Voices - Nicknames

Whether they're sentimental or funny, strange or fitting, nicknames have a history. Our residents weighed in on how they received theirs.

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David Aichele - Looking To The Sky

David’s love of the sky began when he was a child, and even after retiring from NASA, the sky was not finished amazing him.


Health At All Ages: The Key to Enjoying Life’s Moments

Want the chance to spend more time with their loved ones? Simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices may help you do just that.


Happy New Year!

I love starting fresh in the new year with new goals, new resolutions or as some would say, “a do-over.”


Century Park Residents Reach Out To Community At Christmas

Amidst all the business of Christmas, many of our Century Park residents make time to give to those in need.


Nuts for Nutrition!

Some holiday favorites are rather unhealthy. We’d like to shine a light on one of the popular holiday snacks that can actually be healthy!


Navy Veteran Honored by City of Lauderhill

The city of Lauderhill, Florida, recently honored Simon Growick for his service in the U. S. military.



For a family caregiver, stress is a common mask that can alter your ability to see the joy in caring for your loved one.


Thoughts of Thankfulness

As Thanksgiving approaches, Century Park residents around the country spent some time reflecting on what they are most thankful for.


Veterans Honored at Cherry Creek Retirement Village

Multiple residents were honored on Veterans Day at Cherry Creek Retirement Village for their service to our country.


A Knight To Remember On Veterans Day

Century Park communities are honored to be home to many veterans who have sacrificed and served our country.


Halloween at Century Park

Century Park residents and associates across the country enjoyed celebrating Halloween in our senior living communities.


Don Summers – From one boat to another

The riverboats Don Summer captained in St. Louis and New Orleans were the hot spot for dancing, eating and partying.


Finding The Can In Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to start learning what you can do for this cause.


Sunny Rush Named Caregiver of the Year

On Sept. 29, the Colorado Health Care Association named Sunny Rush its Assisted Living Caregiver of the Year.


Physical Therapy: Get Back to What Matters

Ultimately, the goal of physical therapy is to help people restore or maintain their maximum level of independence.



We dedicate this tribute to those living with Alzheimer's, their caretakers and the residents in our care who may one day be diagnosed.


What Fall Means To Me: Family, Food And Fond Memories

Growing up in upstate New York, I have some great memories of our family coming together during the fall to celebrate many things.


Family is Forever - Joseph Kordek

For Joseph Kordek, working with the land and tending to the soil is not a burden but a blessing.


Family is Forever - Jack and Frances Abbott

Jack and Frances Abbott, 89- and 88-year-old residents at Westside Garden Plaza in Indianapolis, have made family everywhere they go.


Family is Forever - Selma Bird and Lillian Roll

Century Park Associates is excited to kick off National Assisted Living Week 2017 with Grandparents Day.


Beautifully Balanced: Preventing Falls Among the Elderly

Following these tips can help you avoid painful and costly falls. That may enable you to stay active and enjoy a long and injury-free life.


Fighting Alzheimer’s with Selfies

Cascade Park Retirement Community recently hosted a luau as part of an effort to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.


A House of Wishes

This summer, Westside Garden Plaza resident Mina Collier had her wish granted.


Managing Your Medications

Medicine is definitely a blessing. Used correctly, it can correct physiological problems, save lives and generally make us feel better.


The Doors God Opens

When Martin shares the stories of how she came to be chaplain of Cottesmore, she sees how one open door always led to another.


The Avid Gardener

Once a farmer's daughter, always a farmer's daughter.


Keep It Moving!

For overall wellness, activity is a must. Find something you enjoy, and just do it!


A Heads-Up On Headaches

What are headaches and migraines, and how can we lessen the effect they have on our lives?


Margaret Christenson

Christenson is constantly engaging her mind and finding innovative solutions for her friends at The Bridge.


Father's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own fathers and the best advice they received over the years.


Down To Earth: The Benefits Of A Garden

Gardening strengthens muscles and bones, relaxes muscles and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


Kristie Tucker Goes the Extra Mile for Her Residents

This year, Kristie Tucker was chosen as the overall winner of Century Park’s Going the Extra Mile award from more than 40 communities.


A Bridge of Honor: How A Century Park Community Pays Tribute to Those Who Served

Century Park Associates is incredibly proud of all of our veterans and thankful to those who gave their lives in service.


Inside an Aurora independent living community, the Happy Hookers knit for the needy

A love for knitting and crafting is the common thread that has pulled a group of Aurora women together for several hours each day.


Mother's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own mothers and the best advice they received over the years.


The Many Faces of Arthritis

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month, a time for advocacy and education on the topic.


Emily McDonald: A Journalist's Heart

Journalists live a life full of networking and finding out the details, but they each do it in their own way.


Occupational Therapy: Live Life To Its Fullest!

April is Occupational Therapy Month! With spring in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to learn how occupational therapy can help you.


Live Longer, Live With Purpose

It’s possible that a healthy dose of purpose and self-determination could have a significant influence on your longevity.


Jerry and Elaine Ramsey

Over time, things have certainly changed for Jerry and Elaine, but they have found their way to keep connected: technology.


Graham Witherspoon: Author, Poet and Artist

Witherspoon is not just a sailor, but someone who continues to write, paint, philosophize, care, share and believe.


Become An Educated Buyer: A Guide To Food Labeling

It’s national nutrition month and a great opportunity to learn how to become an educated buyer.


Cold or flu?

Because these two types of illnesses have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them.


Antioxidants - Fad or Friend?

We've all heard about the wonders of antioxidants. But what are they? What do they do?


Shining A Light on Depression

Like a late-night fog, depression can roll into your life without warning, enveloping your mind with anxiety and uncertainty.


Loving Your Heart On Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or on your own, don’t forget to show your own heart some love, too.


Reprogramming Cravings

It is possible to reprogram your cravings. You don't have to change all at once. It's all about your small choices every day.


Know your thyroid

Ever wonder how your body temp is regulated or how you gain the correct amount of energy from your food? Go ahead and thank your thyroid.


Make A Decision To Protect Your Vision

This month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, Century Park Associates wants to help prevent the progression of this devastating disease.


Harbor Place at Cottesmore resident reflects on adventure as World War II medic

At Okinawa, Hart's battalion rendered aid to casualties as the 27th attacked another ridge not far from Hacksaw Ridge.


3 New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

Your later years present different challenges that can be combatted with tangible goals and resolutions.

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