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Life in Progress

Century Park exists to serve each resident that blesses us with his or her presence. We celebrate these residents through Life in Progress – a blog dedicated to highlighting the unique qualities and beautiful memories that shape their lives, along with expert tips for seniors.


Emily McDonald: A Journalist's Heart

Journalists live a life full of networking and finding out the details, but they each do it in their own way.

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Occupational Therapy: Live Life To Its Fullest!

April is Occupational Therapy Month! With spring in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to learn how occupational therapy can help you.


Live Longer, Live With Purpose

It’s possible that a healthy dose of purpose and self-determination could have a significant influence on your longevity.


Jerry and Elaine Ramsey

Over time, things have certainly changed for Jerry and Elaine, but they have found their way to keep connected: technology.


Graham Witherspoon: Author, Poet and Artist

Witherspoon is not just a sailor, but someone who continues to write, paint, philosophize, care, share and believe.


Become An Educated Buyer: A Guide To Food Labeling

It’s national nutrition month and a great opportunity to learn how to become an educated buyer.


Cold or flu?

Because these two types of illnesses have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them.


Antioxidants - Fad or Friend?

We've all heard about the wonders of antioxidants. But what are they? What do they do?


Shining A Light on Depression

Like a late-night fog, depression can roll into your life without warning, enveloping your mind with anxiety and uncertainty.


Loving Your Heart On Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or on your own, don’t forget to show your own heart some love, too.


Reprogramming Cravings

It is possible to reprogram your cravings. You don't have to change all at once. It's all about your small choices every day.


Know your thyroid

Ever wonder how your body temp is regulated or how you gain the correct amount of energy from your food? Go ahead and thank your thyroid.


Make A Decision To Protect Your Vision

This month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, Century Park Associates wants to help prevent the progression of this devastating disease.


Harbor Place at Cottesmore resident reflects on adventure as World War II medic

At Okinawa, Hart's battalion rendered aid to casualties as the 27th attacked another ridge not far from Hacksaw Ridge.


3 New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

Your later years present different challenges that can be combatted with tangible goals and resolutions.


Are You Part of a Sandwich?

Being squeezed between supporting grown kids and elderly parents who need care is a time-consuming task.


A Holiday Room at The Inn

Even as temperatures dropped, Christmas spirits were rising last weekend when The Inn at Garden Plaza hosted a Life Nativity scene.


4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Independence

No matter what your age, maintaining an independent lifestyle is important to all of us.


Garden Plaza veterans ride the skies in World War II biplane

In honor of their service and dedication to our country, residents enjoy a thrill with a free ride in a World War II biplane.


Ernest J. Moore: On Sharing

Ernie estimates that he's given close to 1,000 hats away. He says he doesn't mind the expense as long as his gift is meaningful to others.


Aging as a Sign of Strength: The Importance and Benefits of Strength Training

Everyone knows the importance of being active, but it's the kind of activity you choose that's most important.


Fighting for a Healthy Heart: Donning the weapons to combat heart disease

Your heart is the center of your cardiovascular system, meaning it's responsible for just about everything that gives your body life.


Health Myths: BUSTED

With a constant stream of contradictory health information coming your way, it's tough to find the truth amidst the many myths.


Standing strong: How steps today can prevent falls tomorrow

Low fall risk helps keep the doors open for things like traveling, playing ball with the grandkids and giving back to the community through volunteering.


The benefits of clean and responsible eating

Studies show that eating clean can boost your immune system, increase your happiness, and improve brain function.

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