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Life in Progress

Century Park exists to serve each resident that blesses us with his or her presence. We celebrate these residents through Life in Progress – a blog dedicated to highlighting the unique qualities and beautiful memories that shape their lives, along with expert tips for seniors.


May Going the Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates is excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile winners from May!

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Turning History into Song: Freedom Sings USA

Freedom Sings USA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help veterans share their stories.


Father's Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

Father's Day is around the corner and we have some great ideas to give to give to dad, granddad, uncle, or any amazing man in your life!


PTSD Awareness Month

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was first officially recognized in the 1980s.


Stroke Awareness Month

Louise Estep has been a resident at The Bridge at Farmington for the past two years.


April Going the Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates is excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile winners from April!


Nurses Week: Resident Stories

Ms. Nancy Stephens is a current resident of Garden Plaza at Cleveland.


Nurses Week : Regional Directors of Resident Care Share Their Stories

We wanted to take a moment and share the stories of our Regional Directors of Care Services, as well as our Director of Care Services.


The Way Up When I Feel Down

This COVID season has provided a lot of wonderful opportunities to throw parties! Stick with me here.


From My Front Desk to Yours!

Have you ever walked into a building and found all your senses fully engaged?


2020 GEM Winner: James Leo

Leo recently celebrated eleven years with Garden Plaza at Inverrary where he serves as their head of security.


March Going the Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates is excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile winners from March!


International Siblings Day

We would like to share the stories of some unique siblings in our communities.


World Health Day, 2021

On April 7, 1947, the World Health Organization was founded.


Easter Weekend

Good Friday marks the beginning of a monumental weekend for Christians around the globe.


Celebrating Passover

Marvin has two children, a daughter and a son, as well as many nieces and nephews with whom he likes to celebrate Passover.


February Going the Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates is excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile winners from February!


International Women's History Month

One unique resident, Kathy Ostrum, recently shared with us the adventure that has been her life and legacy.


Celebrating Irish Heritage

Saint Patrick's Day looks different in all households.


World Kidney Day

In honor of World Kidney Day, we would like to share a little story about one of our newest residents.


January Going the Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates is excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile winners from January!


Thank you Caregivers

We want to thank all of our incredible caregivers.


Love is in the Air

We had the opportunity to speak to some of our couples about their lives, marriages, and the joy along the way.


Matters of the Heart

This month serves as an important reminder to stay educated on one of the most vital parts of our body.


Wishing the Barnes a Happy 70th Anniversary

Today, Jim and Eleanor celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.


Century Park's Serah Njoroge on Black History Month

My name is Serah Njoroge and I was born in Kenya. I made Cleveland, TN my second home when I moved here to attend Lee University.


Century Park Associates certified as a Great Place to Work

We are so excited to announce that Century Park Associates was recently named a Great Place to Work!


December Going the Extra Mile Winners of 2020

We are so excited to announce our Going the Extra Mile December Winners of 2020!


Vaccinated for Love

Karen Black is a current employee at The Bridge at Charleston, South Carolina, while her mother, Peg, is a resident.


A Hope Restored

The New Year is always a time for the celebration of new beginnings.


The Survivor

Cyndy Miller, an associate at The Abbewood in Elyria, Ohio, is a fighter.


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Here are seven inspiring stories from our recent winners.


Kindness Matters

Floyd Eaves has let kindness define his whole life.


Candy is Dandy

Happy National Candy Day!


Residents Collaborate On Book During Pandemic

Read the fun tale of how two residents came together to write and publish a book during quarantine.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here are five inspiring stories from breast cancer survirors that are a part of our family.


International Chefs Day

Here are some inspiring stories about the chefs that make our communities delicious!


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Here are seven inspiring stories from our recent winners:


World Mental Health Day

Here are some inspiring tips on how to keep your mental health strong.


Resident Spotlight: Meet Ida

Ida Pezzullo, a resident at The Bridge at Cherry Hill in Johnston, Rhode Island, has 100 years of wisdom to share.


National Assisted Living Week Recap

Our communities had such a great time during National Assisted Living Week!


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Our associates are committed to caring. Here are six inspiring stories from our recent winners.


The Inn at Garden Plaza Honored by Women's Chamber

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, the way retirement communities marketed and hosted events changed abruptly.


National Assisted Living Week

National Assisted Living Week is here, and we have lots of fun things in store for our residents!


Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time to break the negative stigma around growing older.


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Here are seven inspiring stories from our recent winners:


Going The Extra Mile Winners

Here are six inspiring stories from our winners:


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Here are six inspiring stories from our winners:


Stars and Stripes of Century Park

Independence Day 2020 looked much different than previous years at our Century Park communities.


Zeke DeVane’s Heroism in World War II

Zeke, due to his patriotism and sense of duty, joined the military in 1942.


Celebrating Our Heroes: National Nurses Week

Our team of nurses have extraordinary clinical skills that they have administered to our residents with love and compassion.


Longevity at Longmont

The loyalty and trust of our associates is valued by Century Park Associates.


Life is Sweet at Century Park

The sweet gift of chocolate was donated to our Century Park associates.


Love Conquers All

Love found a way with two people at Garden Plaza.



During these challenging times, Century Park is daily choosing faith over fear!


Designing a Legacy

Ruth Schnee led the pathway for young women to obtain a future in design and architecture.


Going the Extra Mile Winners

Here are three of our inspiring stories from our winners:


A Resident’s Adventures in China

Gail Odom, a resident at the Bridge of Ooltewah, Tennessee, has lived an extraordinary life.


Century Park Associates are Taking Proactive Steps Against COVID-19

The continued health and safety of our residents and associates is the highest priority to our entire Century Park family.


National Employee Appreciation Day

It takes a full body of dedicated people to strive for tradition, service and excellence.


The Bridge at Orlando Honors a Pearl Harbor Survivor

December 7, 1941 - a date many of us recognize as the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Seniors Got Talent

The Bridge at Charleston held a talent show for their residents.


All You Need is Love

At Century Park, they took Valentine’s Day to the next level by dancing, celebrating friendship and giving back to the communities.


Going The Extra Mile Winners

Each month, our communities recognize our monthly Going The Extra Mile customer service award winners.


Nachos for a Cause

For over a decade, Garden Plaza at Cleveland in Tennessee, has opened its doors to serve good food for a good cause.


Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove Dances the Night Away

The halls of Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove echoed with the iconic sounds of the ’50s.


Caring for a Woman’s Heart

Heart disease is the biggest cause of death for both men and women in America.


Going The Extra Mile Winners

Each month, our communities recognize our monthly Going The Extra Mile customer service award winners


You Are Never Too Old To Learn

Kathleen Arnold Brings Fun Education to Cherry Creek Retirement Village


All Shook Up Over Elvis

The community went all out celebrating Elvis Presley’s birthday by making it a week-long celebration.


Indoor Activities for Seniors in Winter

Here are some ideas for how you can keep your body and brain active during these cold months.


2020 Vision

The main question for the beginning of the year is – what is your New Year’s resolution?


Christmas Around Century Park

Century Park communities spread Christmas cheer by bringing family, friends and communities together with wonderful Christmas events.


Century Park 2019 Christmas Card Winners

Each year, Century Park Associates invites residents in its communities to submit Christmas card designs.


Fight the Flu!

There are several defense strategies you can do to prevent this nasty virus from attacking you.


Go with Your Gut

The wellness of your brain and body depend on your gut health. There are good and bad bacteria, and you need a balance of both.


Veterans Honored at Cherry Creek

Eight residents at Cherry Creek Retirement Village in Aurora, Colorado, are proud veterans. Combined, they have 49.5 years of service.


Diabetes Awareness Month

Whether you know a loved one who has diabetes or you have it yourself, managing blood sugar levels is important to everyone’s health.


Live Longer, Live with Purpose

There are countless ways to live with purpose.


Monthly Going The Extra Mile Winners

Century Park Associates’ Going the Extra Mile program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents.


Residents at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove reflect on community’s 10 years

Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove, an independent living community in Ooltewah, Tennessee, is about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.


National Assisted Living Week 2019 – A Spark of Creativity

Each year Century Park’s assisted living communities participate in a nationwide campaign known as National Assisted Living Week.


Garden Plaza at Cleveland business office director on mission to help foster kids

Curry is on a mission, besides serving the seniors at Garden Plaza, to remove some of the trauma that foster children experience.


Century Park Communities Participate in Walk to End Alzheimer’s

We're excited to once again join in the fight against Alzheimer’s as a Walk to End Alzheimer's National Team.


Resident Voices - What Historical Event Affected You Most?

We asked residents all over the country about the historical events that shaped their lives.


A Spark of Creativity - Veldonna Armstrong

If you visit Veldonna Armstrong at Garden Plaza of Post Falls, Idaho, you will quickly be struck by her creative spirit.


A Spark of Creativity - Mabel Payne

Mabel Payne has loved gardening since she was a child. Her mother would always say, “If there aren’t flowers in the house, it isn’t a home.”


A Spark of Creativity - Nolen Kelly

Nolen Kelly has a spark of passion for helping others.


A Spark of Creativity - James “Jim” Birdwell

Jim Birdwell, who first became a clown in 1996, is a source of fun and creativity at Quail Ridge assisted living in Pocatello, Idaho.


A Spark of Creativity - Janie Gass

In the eyes of Janie Gass, writing is more than just a creative outlet. It is a way of sharing her heart with the world.


A Spark of Creativity - Hope Cresswell

Hope Cresswell showcases her spark of creativity through her beautiful artwork.


A Spark of Creativity - Chuck and Becky Everitt

Becky and Chuck continue to spark creativity in themselves and in their fellow residents at The Bridge at Longmont.


Five Essential Elements to Healthy Aging

Throughout every moment of life, intentionally set aside time to take care of yourself.


Fuel the Fire: Eat Carbs, Weigh Less, Live Longer

Don’t fall victim to the latest fads and diet rage; just focus on whole foods as your primary source of calories!


Century Park Communities Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

This month, our communities celebrated National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 21.


Cascade Park residents honor loved ones at Willamette National Cemetery

A group of residents from Cascade Park in Woodburn, Oregon, made the trip to Willamette National Cemetery.


Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a healthy food that tastes good, so enjoy in moderation!


Going the Extra Mile April 2019 Winners

Going the Extra Mile honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents and associates.


Crossing the Finish Line

Executive director, Lori Follett and resident, Kenny Bisel from The Bridge at Greeley recently ran a 1K together.


Health risks for men, and how to avoid them

June is Men’s Health Month, and people around the globe are working to raise awareness of preventable and treatable health problems.


The Many Faces of Arthritis

For some, it’s a constant, achy pain. For others, it’s a swelling stiffness in the morning.


Century Park Communities Celebrate National BBQ Day

This month, our communities celebrated National BBQ Day on Thursday, May 16.



We recently recognized our monthly Going The Extra Mile customer service award winners. This award recognizes outstanding associates.


Garden Plaza of Aurora resident shares his Pearl Harbor experience

John Clement, a resident at Garden Plaza of Aurora, Colorado lived in Honolulu, Hawaii during the infamous Pearl Harbor attack of WWII.


What is stress, and how can you manage it?

National Stress Awareness Day is April 16. On this day, we can mindfully set aside time to recognize the stressors we combat daily.


We love our pets!

In celebration of National Pet Day, we wanted to honor our loyal pals by sharing about how wonderful they are with the world!


The Bridge at Paradise Valley residents tour chocolate factory

Seven residents from The Bridge at Paradise Valley in Las Vegas took a sweet trip to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory.


Resident Voices - Growing Older

What is the hardest thing about growing older? What is the best thing about growing older?


Spring Has Sprung

Just as the clocks spring forward, you too can spring into action and seize the opportunities for the fun the upcoming season has to offer.


This March, Be Proactive About Your Eye Health

March is Save Your Vision Month and Workplace Eye Wellness Month, so here are three simple ways you can keep your eyes healthy.


BREAKING NEWS! - The Inn at Garden Plaza Visits KKTV Channel 11

KKTV Channel 11, a local news station in Colorado, welcomed the residents as they learned about TV news and weather.


Garden Plaza of Aurora hosts Abraham Lincoln event

John Voehl, an Abraham Lincoln historian visited Garden Plaza of Aurora on Feb. 19, 2019


Century Park Communities Celebrate National Pancake Day

This month, our communities celebrated National Pancake Day on Thursday, February 21.


Eye Care and the Elderly: Bringing It into Focus

Because we want to live a fun and active lifestyle, even as we age, it is important to take care of our eyes.


Garden Plaza and The Bridge at Inverrary implement safety bingo program for associates

Garden Plaza and The Bridge at Inverrary are implementing a creative way to remind employees of the importance of an injury-fee workplace.


Soundtrack to Your Valentine's Day

We have compiled a list of five love songs that you can indulge in throughout Valentine’s Day without spending a dime.


Show Your Heart Some Love

Show your heart some love by celebrating American Heart Month and spreading the news about heart health awareness.


Four Everyday Ways to Help Prevent Cancer

Here are four everyday lifestyle choices you can make to help reduce your risk of cancer.


Super Snacks for Seniors on Super Bowl Sunday – and Every Other Day

While we watch the big game on Sunday, we will eat. But as we age, it is important for us to snack smart


Century Park Communities Celebrate National Pie Day

This month, our communities celebrated National Pie Day on Wednesday, January 23.


Century Park Communities Celebrate National Food Days

In 2019, Century Park communities all over the country will be celebrating various national food days each month.


What is glaucoma?

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is common, affecting nearly two million people each year.


5 Foods That Promote Thyroid Health

Incorporating some of these foods into your diet can help sustain long-term thyroid health and keep your thyroid running smoothly.


The Body’s Waterwheel

Because every system in the body depends on water, there is a real need for constant hydration.


A Lasting Smile: How Seniors Can Keep their Pearly Whites

Seniors especially face challenges with dental care and should be intentional about maintaining the health of their teeth and gums.


Monthly Going The Extra Mile Winners

We recently recognized our monthly Going The Extra Mile customer service award winners. This award recognizes outstanding associates.


Health Myths: BUSTED

While everyone’s health journey is different, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your health information from reliable sources.


Staying Active This Winter

What better way to beat the winter blues than to enjoy an active lifestyle?


Beanie Babies: Cascade Park donates baby hats with love in every stich

Five sweet ladies from Cascade Park turned their passion into purpose when they decided to knit and crochet hats for babies.


Century Park's 2018 Christmas Card Winners- Bette Higgins

Bette Higgins, a resident at The Bridge at Ooltewah, recently had her artwork featured on a Christmas card.


Century Park's 2018 Christmas Card Winners - June Hamm

June Hamm, a resident at The Inn at Garden Plaza, recently had her artwork featured on a Christmas card.


Century Park's 2018 Christmas Card Winners - Lynn Evans Mand

Lynn Evans Mand, a resident at The AbbeWood, an assisted living facility in Elyria, recently had her artwork featured on a Christmas card.


Century Park’s 2018 Christmas Card Winners - Dolores Sunley

Dolores Sunley, a resident at The Bridge at Hickory Woods, recently had her artwork featured on a Christmas card.


Facing the diabetes epidemic: What you need to know

Several risk factors play a part in developing diabetes. Do you know the signs?


Why You Should Consider Eating More This Holiday

The stress you may feel about trying to eat healthy around the holidays can be far more toxic than the food you eat.


Got Sleep?

For most seniors, slumber can be a party!


Holiday Shopping Tips

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means you might find yourself shopping more than usual.


Holiday Travel Guide – Travel Smarter, Not Harder

To help you prepare for the holidays, our teams across the country have compiled a list of holiday travel tips for you!


Five Nutrition Tips to Power and Protect Your Brain

Here are some simple nutrition tips that promise optimal brain health and strengthen the preventive power against Alzheimer’s disease.


Home safety tips for seniors

Seniors can take several easy steps to reduce their chance of falling and keep their home environment safe.


Immunizations for Seniors – A Shot at a Healthy, Active Life

Seniors should be aware of the steps they can take to stay healthy through immunizations.


Resident Voices - Halloween treats

Our residents reflected on Trick-or-treating as kids, and shared what their favorite Halloween candy is.


Anxious about anxiety?

Everyone is bound to have a little anxiety every so often, but prevention and treatment can put anxiety in its place!


World Osteoporosis Day

Bones play an integral role in our everyday lives, and it is never too late to seek guidance regarding your bone health.


An Evening in France

When a resident dreamed of returning to her home in Paris, France, the team at Garden Plaza decided to bring France to her.


Bill Millard: Carving a Legacy

For Bill, carving is more than a hobby. It has become a creative outlet and also has given him purpose.


Outsmarting the Storm

When Hurricane Florence slammed into the East Coast, The Bridge at Charleston was ready.


Welcome, Goldwings!

An adrenaline rush can come from anything. At The Bridge at Colorado Springs in Colorado, residents get that thrill from motorcycle rides.


Listen To Your Heart!

World Heart Day is September 29. Are you listening to your heart?


Weighing in on hydration: Eight ounces at a time

Dehydration is also the leading cause of daytime fatigue. The solution is water.


Striking Gold

All that it takes to become a national champion is a good bowling ball that fits your hand correctly and a lot of practice.


Resident Voices - Grandparents

What was the best advice you ever received from your grandmother or grandfather?


Coping with Alzheimer’s disease

Learning the signs of Alzheimer's can help get your loved one the care he or she needs.


Capture The Moment - Lynn Evans Mand

Music has allowed Lynn Evans Mand of The AbbeWood in Elyria, Ohio, to truly capture the moment.


Capture The Moment - Jack Markey

When you’re happy, the moments seem to last forever. Jack Markey lives a life full of leadership and happiness.


Capture The Moment - Bud and Bea Degnan

For two married residents at The Bridge at Garden Plaza of Post Falls, Idaho, one moment in 1926 was just the start.


Seniors and Loneliness: Combating Isolation

Throughout the aging process, seniors may begin to feel left out of social circles and are especially vulnerable to feelings of loneliness.


Bridging the Gap in Ocala

The Bridge’s intergenerational program began after the children at Kinderoo Academy created birthday cards for the residents each month.


What's In Your Coffee

Understanding how caffeine affects your brain and natural energy processes can make a difference.


Stop the Sepsis: Recognizing Symptoms and Preventing Sickness

If you are well-informed about sepsis, you will easily recognize symptoms and be aware of opportunities to prevent the illness.


Cooking to Order

Century Park’s culinary teams strive to step up retirement living dining by cooking to order.


10 Simple Tips for a Healthy Summer

Take time to remember these 10 simple yet effective tips to ensure you have a healthy summer.


Well How Do You Start The Thing?!

We at Century Park Associates thank Mr. Barnard and all of our servicemen and women for defending our freedom!


Going The Extra Mile - Regional Winners

This award recognizes outstanding associates who have gone above and beyond their job description to serve.


Aging with Ease: A Fitness Guide for Wiser Men

In honor of Men’s Health Month, here are some helpful tips for men to keep living with the same level of activity that they’re used to.


Resident Voices - The Movies

The movie-watching experience has changed quite a bit since our residents were kids. We wanted to hear about their first movie experience.


Bridgett Dallas Wins Century Park's Customer Service Award

Bridgett Dallas was awarded as this year’s Going the Extra Mile winner from among Century Park’s more than 40 communities nationwide.


Support Your Bones Today - They'll Support You Tomorrow

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month, a good time to evaluate your food choices and exercise lifestyle.


Lilia Rodriguez: Eager to Educate

Lilia looks back knowing that she lived a great life with her family while also leaving her legacy as a teacher.


Mother’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Learn about some of the history, traditions and fun facts about Mother's Day!


Clearing The Air About COPD

Recognizing this disease and getting help early can make a huge difference and allow a better and longer quality of life.


Going the Extra Mile Spotlight

Here are some of the inspiring stories from our January and February 2018 Going the Extra Mile winners


The Ins and Outs of Health Apps

The key is not relying solely on the device. It is your job to sustain the healthy behaviors after the device is turned off or out of sight.


The ABCs of Vitamins - Vitamin B

Up next in our series is vitamin B. Let’s explore this vitamin in detail.


The ABCs of Vitamins – Vitamin A

When it comes to Vitamin A, as with nutrition in general, simple balance is the way to go.


A Mind of Your Own

Learn 10 ways to love your brain!


How to Successfully Downsize

Know that this feeling of being overwhelmed can be turned around into a feeling of release.


Farm to Fork

With our “Farm to Fork” program, we try to paint a picture in your imagination of simpler times with better, fresher food.


The Witness: Rosa Lee Floyd

Today, Rosa Lee believes it’s her responsibility to bear witness to what life was like before and during the Civil Rights Movement.


Turning Heart Failure Into Heart Success

February is National Heart Month, a good opportunity to take inventory of your heart health.


Taking Away the Pain

The ladies at Garden Plaza at Cleveland create heart-shaped pillows for those who have undergone a medical procedure.


A Number of Reasons for Love

The Millers shared that the secret to the longevity of their love is because they have the Lord Jesus as the center of their lives.


Aging as a Sign of Strength

Strength training works to combat the signs and symptoms of existing health problems and can prevent you from developing other conditions.


Questions to maximize your next doctor’s appointment

While it seems that time with your doctor may be increasingly limited, it’s important to come into your appointment prepared with questions.


The Fall of Focus and How to Reclaim It

If you find yourself struggling with concentration or focus, here are a few things you can do to retrain your mind and rebuild your focus.


Resident Voices - Nicknames

Whether they're sentimental or funny, strange or fitting, nicknames have a history. Our residents weighed in on how they received theirs.


David Aichele - Looking To The Sky

David’s love of the sky began when he was a child, and even after retiring from NASA, the sky was not finished amazing him.


Health At All Ages: The Key to Enjoying Life’s Moments

Want the chance to spend more time with their loved ones? Simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices may help you do just that.


Happy New Year!

I love starting fresh in the new year with new goals, new resolutions or as some would say, “a do-over.”


Century Park Residents Reach Out To Community At Christmas

Amidst all the business of Christmas, many of our Century Park residents make time to give to those in need.


Nuts for Nutrition!

Some holiday favorites are rather unhealthy. We’d like to shine a light on one of the popular holiday snacks that can actually be healthy!


Navy Veteran Honored by City of Lauderhill

The city of Lauderhill, Florida, recently honored Simon Growick for his service in the U. S. military.



For a family caregiver, stress is a common mask that can alter your ability to see the joy in caring for your loved one.


Thoughts of Thankfulness

As Thanksgiving approaches, Century Park residents around the country spent some time reflecting on what they are most thankful for.


Veterans Honored at Cherry Creek Retirement Village

Multiple residents were honored on Veterans Day at Cherry Creek Retirement Village for their service to our country.


A Knight To Remember On Veterans Day

Century Park communities are honored to be home to many veterans who have sacrificed and served our country.


Halloween at Century Park

Century Park residents and associates across the country enjoyed celebrating Halloween in our senior living communities.


Don Summers – From one boat to another

The riverboats Don Summer captained in St. Louis and New Orleans were the hot spot for dancing, eating and partying.


Finding The Can In Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to start learning what you can do for this cause.


Sunny Rush Named Caregiver of the Year

On Sept. 29, the Colorado Health Care Association named Sunny Rush its Assisted Living Caregiver of the Year.


Physical Therapy: Get Back to What Matters

Ultimately, the goal of physical therapy is to help people restore or maintain their maximum level of independence.



We dedicate this tribute to those living with Alzheimer's, their caretakers and the residents in our care who may one day be diagnosed.


What Fall Means To Me: Family, Food And Fond Memories

Growing up in upstate New York, I have some great memories of our family coming together during the fall to celebrate many things.


Family is Forever - Joseph Kordek

For Joseph Kordek, working with the land and tending to the soil is not a burden but a blessing.


Family is Forever - Jack and Frances Abbott

Jack and Frances Abbott, 89- and 88-year-old residents at Westside Garden Plaza in Indianapolis, have made family everywhere they go.


Family is Forever - Selma Bird and Lillian Roll

Century Park Associates is excited to kick off National Assisted Living Week 2017 with Grandparents Day.


Beautifully Balanced: Preventing Falls Among the Elderly

Following these tips can help you avoid painful and costly falls. That may enable you to stay active and enjoy a long and injury-free life.


Fighting Alzheimer’s with Selfies

Cascade Park Retirement Community recently hosted a luau as part of an effort to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.


A House of Wishes

This summer, Westside Garden Plaza resident Mina Collier had her wish granted.


Managing Your Medications

Medicine is definitely a blessing. Used correctly, it can correct physiological problems, save lives and generally make us feel better.


The Doors God Opens

When Martin shares the stories of how she came to be chaplain of Cottesmore, she sees how one open door always led to another.


The Avid Gardener

Once a farmer's daughter, always a farmer's daughter.


Keep It Moving!

For overall wellness, activity is a must. Find something you enjoy, and just do it!


A Heads-Up On Headaches

What are headaches and migraines, and how can we lessen the effect they have on our lives?


Margaret Christenson

Christenson is constantly engaging her mind and finding innovative solutions for her friends at The Bridge.


Father's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own fathers and the best advice they received over the years.


Down To Earth: The Benefits Of A Garden

Gardening strengthens muscles and bones, relaxes muscles and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


Kristie Tucker Goes the Extra Mile for Her Residents

This year, Kristie Tucker was chosen as the overall winner of Century Park’s Going the Extra Mile award from more than 40 communities.


A Bridge of Honor: How A Century Park Community Pays Tribute to Those Who Served

Century Park Associates is incredibly proud of all of our veterans and thankful to those who gave their lives in service.


Inside an Aurora independent living community, the Happy Hookers knit for the needy

A love for knitting and crafting is the common thread that has pulled a group of Aurora women together for several hours each day.


Mother's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own mothers and the best advice they received over the years.


The Many Faces of Arthritis

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month, a time for advocacy and education on the topic.


Emily McDonald: A Journalist's Heart

Journalists live a life full of networking and finding out the details, but they each do it in their own way.


Occupational Therapy: Live Life To Its Fullest!

April is Occupational Therapy Month! With spring in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to learn how occupational therapy can help you.


Live Longer, Live With Purpose

It’s possible that a healthy dose of purpose and self-determination could have a significant influence on your longevity.


Jerry and Elaine Ramsey

Over time, things have certainly changed for Jerry and Elaine, but they have found their way to keep connected: technology.


Graham Witherspoon: Author, Poet and Artist

Witherspoon is not just a sailor, but someone who continues to write, paint, philosophize, care, share and believe.


Become An Educated Buyer: A Guide To Food Labeling

It’s national nutrition month and a great opportunity to learn how to become an educated buyer.


Cold or flu?

Because these two types of illnesses have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them.


Antioxidants - Fad or Friend?

We've all heard about the wonders of antioxidants. But what are they? What do they do?


Shining A Light on Depression

Like a late-night fog, depression can roll into your life without warning, enveloping your mind with anxiety and uncertainty.


Loving Your Heart On Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or on your own, don’t forget to show your own heart some love, too.


Reprogramming Cravings

It is possible to reprogram your cravings. You don't have to change all at once. It's all about your small choices every day.


Know your thyroid

Ever wonder how your body temp is regulated or how you gain the correct amount of energy from your food? Go ahead and thank your thyroid.


Make A Decision To Protect Your Vision

This month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, Century Park Associates wants to help prevent the progression of this devastating disease.


Harbor Place at Cottesmore resident reflects on adventure as World War II medic

At Okinawa, Hart's battalion rendered aid to casualties as the 27th attacked another ridge not far from Hacksaw Ridge.


3 New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

Your later years present different challenges that can be combatted with tangible goals and resolutions.

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