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Century Park Associates understands that each of our residents' needs vary. That's why we've created multiple senior living options in order to provide the most enriching retirement possible.

Along with quality care and attention to detail, our resort-style amenities and services are one of our highest priorities - whether you live independently or need assistance regularly.

Assisted Living

While striving to help you live as independently as possible, our assisted living communities are in place to aid in your overall wellbeing and provide help when needed. Individuals residing in an assisted living community may need:

  • Assistance with daily activities, including dressing, bathing and hygiene.
  • Encouragement to participate in social activities.
  • Meals, nutrition and housekeeping assistance.
  • Medication reminders and assistance.
  • Help with transfers because of possible fall risk.
  • Assistance in an emergency.
More About Assisted Living
Assisted Living

Independent Living

This option is great for active seniors looking for an exciting social calendar and the conveniences of a resort-style community. Individuals residing in an independent living community:

  • Need no personal care or monitoring.
  • Are able to evacuate and respond independently to an emergency.
  • Can prepare meals or attend scheduled meals without reminders or assistance.
  • Take advantage of social activities without encouragement.
  • Can schedule housekeeping and handyman services when needed.
More About Independent Living
Independent Living

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