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Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to understand senior living can be overwhelming. At Century Park, we understand. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. We hope these answers can be helpful to you as you begin your journey into the realm of senior living. In addition to this list, helpful associates in each of our communities are ready to add a personal touch to your search for the best place to call home.

#1. What is senior living?

At Century Park Associates, senior living is the ideal option for retired adults looking for an active, enriching environment to call home without the worry and stress that comes with home ownership. Often, senior living communities feature apartment-style buildings or villas in which residents have the comforts of home while enjoying the amenities offered through the community. There are often multiple living options included in these communities, such as independent or assisted living.

#2. How much do senior living communities cost?

Each Century Park community varies in price based on location and services required by the resident. With no buy-in fees and a convenient month-to-month lease, residents can have flexibility and freedom if their needs should change. Your local community can help you determine the best living option for you, as well as your total monthly cost.

#3. What is included in the monthly lease?

The monthly lease covers the rent, utilities, meals and services that may be required due to the resident's care plan. A cost comparison can be a great way to determine what the lease includes and compare that with costs of living at home.

#4. Is there any help available for paying for senior living?

Veterans and their spouses are often eligible for financial assistance through the Veterans Aid and Attendance pension. Also, long-term care insurance can assist in the cost of assisted living. Contact your insurance provider for more information and to determine if you qualify.

#5. What is the community fee?

This is a one-time fee to help offset move-in and assessment costs. It also helps cover community programs such as wellness classes, activities and guest performers. This fee is refundable up until the time of move in. There are no charges at the time of moving out.

#6. Is there someone to check on me or my loved one?

Each community offers routine wellness checks, as well as a 24-hour emergency call system monitored by on-site care staff.

#7. How do I know a senior living community can meet mine or my loved ones needs?

All of our communities are staffed 24/7 to meet each resident's needs. While our independent living residents will not need as much assistance as assisted living residents, our staff are available to offer support as needed. Prior to moving into an assisted living community, a nurse will do an assessment in order to tailor a specific care plan. This plan will be used to meet the specific needs of the resident.

#8. Are pets allowed?

We know how important your pets are to you. Each of our communities are pet-friendly as long as the resident is fully able to care for the pet or has daily family assistance in caring for the pet.

#9. Is transportation available?

Each community is equipped with vehicles to transport you or your loved one to medical appointments, stores, banks, community events, etc. Transportation times and services vary based on location.

#10. What types of activities are offered?

Each community tailors activities and events to the interests of their resident population. These activities may include outside community events, dances, local performers, educational seminars and a variety of other fun, exciting gatherings. Activities staff are ready to take suggestions from residents and create events based on those suggestions.

#11. What are dining services like in a senior living facility?

Each community's dining program varies based on location, but they all have a few things in common. All communities offer restaurant-style dining so residents can order based on their preferences. Each meal is cooked to order and delivered by one of our friendly dining services staff members. Our dining services team strives to create a healthy and delicious menu that meets the nutritional needs of each resident.

#12. What are visiting hours?

Guests are welcome to visit at your convenience - our community is your home. Many communities have a guest suite available for out-of-town visitors which can be arranged through the front desk along with meal tickets.

#13. Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes - apartments are unfurnished, so we encourage residents to furnish and decorate their homes to their taste. Our associates can help coordinate the move-in process.

#14. Will my spouse be able to live with me?

Spouses are able to live together in any of our communities unless extenuating circumstances require a higher level of care for one spouse. There is an accompanying second-person fee for spouses. Care level charges are applied for each spouse and an assessment will determine which level of care is appropriate.

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