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5 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your Health

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5 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your Health

As Thanksgiving grows closer, we wanted to talk about the importance of good health and how it is something everyone should be thankful for! Being in good health allows us to enjoy so many special moments in life. Here are five of our favorite reasons to be thankful for your health this season.

1. Enjoy the cool fall weather

When you’re healthy, you are able to see the beautiful fall colors or smell the roasted scent of bonfires. You can go outside on a walk all because you are in good health. Be thankful for having some, if not all, of these abilities. Even if you are in good health, but just need a little help getting around, there are plenty of items to help such as canes, walkers and rollators so you can enjoy the last moments of fall.

2. Spend time with family

Your good health allows you to see and speak to those you love. You can give hugs and tight squeezes to the little ones running around the house or play ball in the yard. Some benefits of continuing to stay healthy are weight loss, reduced risk of cancer, heart health and stroke prevention, strong bones, improved memory, better mood and more!

3. Watch your child or grandchild play sports

Attending your loved one’s athletic events is such a joy. Watching them make a basket and cheering them along means so much to them and you. Being able to get out of the house, make it to their games and be present (body and mind) is something to be truly grateful for.

4. Play with your fur babies

Without good health, you wouldn’t be able to stay active with your pets. Your dog needs daily walks, and so do you - so being able to continue to do so makes your time together so much more precious. When the time comes where you are no longer able to move around as easily, there are always changes you can make to stay healthy. Simple things like a change in diet, the right medical supplies, the right care, keeping active and so forth can help your health improve. For example, stay somewhat active by using a wheelchair to take your dog for a walk on a paved path to allow you both some exercise.

5. Be of sound mind

Keeping your mental health strong is something many people forget to work at and be thankful for. Being able to be present in a conversation, contribute and remember it months to years later is a blessing. Making sure as you age that you play memory games, eat healthy and stay active will allow you to have a strong mind for years to come!

Good health is nothing to take for granted and something we should all be working to achieve.

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