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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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One in 6 women in the United States will suffer from breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Chances are, either you or someone you know has suffered from the disease. Breast Cancer Awareness month is a time to raise awareness of the disease, but also raise funds for research into prevention, treatment and a cure. We wanted to take this month to honor a few of our residents and associates who have bravely fought this disease. Below are their heroic stories.


Peggy Harrison, resident at The Bridge at Ooltewah, Tennessee

Peggy was already retired when her breast cancer was detected. It was devastating when she received the news. Doctors were able to remove the cancer, but unfortunately, it did come back. Peggy underwent a second surgery that was also a success, and this time she has remained cancer-free.

Peggy is a fighter and was not going to let cancer defeat her. She is thankful for her family and friends who supported her along her journey. It was a very emotional point in her life, but she made it.

“I would like to encourage everyone with breast cancer to trust and believe that God will see you through,” said Peggy. “I also encourage you to get your annual mammograms!”


Sarah Declue, associate at The Bridge at Charleston, South Carolina

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Sarah says it was her faith that kept her going during her battle. Giving up was not an option.

Sarah loves to travel the world and meet new people. After her battle, she took a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate. She participates in the Breast Cancer Walk every year. Sarah wants to encourage both men and women to get checked annually and be aware of any signs.


Kris Anderson, associate at Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls, Idaho

Kris has worked with the Century Park family for 23 years. In April of this year, she found out that she had breast cancer. It was very hard for her to hear. She never thought in a million years she would be diagnosed with cancer. At the end of April, Kris had surgery, and the doctors were able to remove the tumor and a lymph node. Her journey continued with 30 rounds of radiation after surgery. By the end of it, her neck was severely burnt from the radiation. She stayed strong and determined, though, for her family and herself.

“My life will go on,” said Kris. “I am a survivor!”


Betty Starren, resident at The Bridge at Post Falls, Idaho

Betty’s breast cancer story is simple, yet profound. In 1991, Betty and her husband were living in North Dakota. They had to drive 167 miles to get to her annual mammogram check-up. She received a call the night after one of those check-ups that she needed to come back right away. The doctor told her she had breast cancer and would need surgery immediately. The surgery was a success, and no chemotherapy was needed. Her advice to all women is to make sure to have your yearly mammogram check-ups!


Linda Humphreys, resident at Garden Plaza at Cleveland, Tennessee

Linda Humphreys is a two-time breast cancer survivor. She was first diagnosed through a mammogram on New Year’s Eve in 1998. Then again in January of 2019. Both times, she made a full recovery and now creates beautiful jewelry that she gives to other survivors. Linda is an inspiration to all!

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