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From My Front Desk to Yours!

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Have you ever walked into a building and found all your senses fully engaged? Welcome to the behind-the-scenes work of Administrative Assistants, Concierges, and all front desk personnel. When you wake up in the morning and go to work, remember, it is the little things that you do that make an impact on those who come into your space.

Let me take you to our Support Center! When you first walk in, you will smell the warm toasted vanilla candles, and you can almost taste coffee brewing in the kitchen. You will hear uplifting music playing; sometimes I sing along. The best part is the genuine smiles, morning greetings, and conversations.

The atmosphere is inviting, set for a group of amazing, hardworking, purpose-driven professionals.

First impressions are so important, over the phone or in person. The first person we interact with plays a major role on how people view us and the community/business we represent. There is a simple, popular quote that says, "If you can be anything, be kind." During the COVID-19 pandemic, tensions were high, there was uncertainty, isolation, and loss. It was then that I put myself in the shoes of the people that I talked to over the phone and in person. I realized that we were all in this together, and now more than ever, we needed to be gracious and understanding. I also learned to listen with compassion and be present in every conversation. Working at a front desk goes beyond a daily job, it becomes a place to engage and experience life with others.

Your role is very important; connection starts with you. Our residents, their families, our associates and even strangers will all be touched by you. You are valuable and a great part of Century Park Associates. Without your support, our communities would not be the same.

We have read many moving stories that have been shared on the Going the Extra Mile program. One story that stuck with me was when a concierge associate noticed that a resident was not getting anything in the mail, so our concierge started writing and sending cards to the resident. This is one example of the many ways in which you make an impact. I believe that even as we advance in this digital age, your kindness and interaction will always be needed.

We want to thank you for the support you offer to our residents, our associates and all our communities. Thank you for representing Century Park Associates well, and most importantly, for putting our residents first. As you answer the phone, run errands, and do small and big tasks at your community today, see the big picture. Rediscover the place and purpose of your role. I believe that one of the reasons Century Park Associates is a great place to work, is because hospitality is a big part of our culture.

When you work at your front desk today, you will be setting the atmosphere, whether you are turning on the lights at dawn or receiving and distributing the mail at mid-day, your hospitality is the gift that you give daily.

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!

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