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What Can You Do To Combat Loneliness This Holiday Season?

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What Can You Do To Combat Loneliness This Holiday Season?

Most people experience loneliness at one time or another in their lives. Loneliness is especially common around the holidays.

Here are some tips for how to help others around you who may be feeling lonely:

Ask: Are you lonely? What makes you feel lonely? Do you feel sad or depressed? Do you feel like something is missing in your life? What would make you feel better? What can I do and all of us here to make you feel better?

Engage: Start a conversation with people you encounter. Make a point of meeting new people at work, church and social functions and engage in conversation with them. (Easy conversation starters: Tell me about... What was your favorite... when you were a kid? How did you meet your spouse?)

Relate: Find something that you have in common: hometown, high school, favorite sport, favorite team, favorite singer, favorite movie, favorite food. Once you find a common bond, it is easy to get to know someone.

Include: Add others to the conversation. Invite others to the activity, meal or party. Ask other people what they think and what they like.

Encourage: Help others participate. Tell them you want to be with them. It will make you both happy. You will help.

Exercise & Group Activities: Try to involve everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Collect: Gather new experiences and new friends. Bring others with you and help others to give it a try.

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