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Ideas To Meaningfully Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day! This annual celebration is an opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for change around the issues most impacting our planet and celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth.

Here are some ideas to celebrate and nurture the planet!


  • Learn about the real environmental problems we are facing. Knowledge is power and staying up-to-date with the challenges facing our planet helps us create better solutions and make real, lasting change.
  • Watch documentaries about the Earth.
  • Read books about protecting the planet. Check them out from your local library so you can start learning even more about this beautiful planet we call home.


  • Plant or support a local community garden.
  • Clean up litter in your community.
  • Restore nature in your area. You can visit TheNatureConservancy’s volunteer guide to find various volunteer opportunities near you.
  • Help with wildlife and environmental research in your area. Become a citizen scientist and help gather information for the pros.
  • Count birds! Celebrate migration season, count the birds in your area and submit your data through eBird to help scientists track wildlife.

Take Action

  • Urge your elected officials to enact meaningful climate legislation for your area.
  • Make small lifestyle changes that benefit the planet. Even a few small changes can make a big difference.
  • Make energy-efficient home swaps.
  • Choose seasonal produce next time you get groceries.
  • Commit to going a year without using plastic water bottles.
  • Switch to paperless billing.
  • Shop sustainably. The best way to be sustainable isn't to buy the hot new eco-friendly items on the market, but to use up what you already have.


  • Attend an Earth Day event. Check out the official Earth Day website for a map of events to find cleanups, seminars, celebrations and more near you.
  • Host a clothing swap in your community.
  • Go car-free for the day.
  • Visit a local farmer’s market. By late April, most major cities will have farmer’s markets open and thriving, so Earth Day gives you the perfect excuse to source some in-season produce from your local growers.
  • Spend time in nature. Go on a picnic at a local park or go on a hike.

Earth Day puts a collective global focus on celebrating and preserving the earth’s beauty for decades and centuries to come. See what change you can implement today to make a lasting and positive impact on our world.

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