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Facts About Stress

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Facts About Stress

Educating yourself and knowing about stress is more than half the battle.

There are many types of stress:

  • Acute stress may cause irritability, increased heart rate or tension in your muscles. This is from something stressful like a flat tire, or a specific event that may happen.
  • Long term stress or chronic stress may be taking care of a sick family member for a long period of time, your own sickness, or even a tragic event that takes time to learn to cope without.

While not all stress is bad, high stress over time can lead to cardiac issues, depression and anxiety.

Tips to reducing stress:

  • Get active. Physical activity of any form is an automatic stress reliever for the human body.
  • Meditate. Be still and silent. You can take it a step further and try yoga.
  • Laugh. A good belly laugh is always a good thing.
  • Connect with others. We all have things going on… when we relate with each other, we don't feel alone.
  • Assert Yourself. You are a child of GOD chosen to be you. You are beautiful and you are important.
  • Get enough sleep. Our body and our brain need rejuvenation. Consistently holding the same sleep patterns keep us on track.
  • Keep a journal. Get it off your mind by writing it down. Especially as we get older, we tend to be afraid that we will forget so we keep thinking about it.

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