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February Going the Extra Mile Winner

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Going the Extra Mile

Century Park Associates is honored to celebrate our February’s Going the Extra Mile winner. This month we would like to feature GEM winner Lynda Copley of Garden Plaza at Cleveland. Lynda has been part of the CPA family for more than 12 years. She has served in various roles over the years but currently serves as Sales Associate. She is an expert craftsman and has her own side business called "Crafty Copley." Lynda also loves dogs and is mom of two French Bulldog fur babies named Bella Rose and Emma Lou.

Lynda recently enlisted the help of several residents at Garden Plaza at Cleveland to help with a new project called the Quilted Heart Project. Hearts are cut, sewn, embellished with stones, ribbon, or buttons. Each beautiful heart has a tag that reads “I need a home!” They are randomly place throughout the city for others to find and cherish.

For those living in Cleveland, Tennessee, when running on the Greenway or shopping at the mall and you happen upon a quilted heart, know it was made with love especially for you by residents at Garden Plaza at Cleveland.

Lynda Copley

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