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June Going the Extra Mile Winners

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Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile
Nels Benton

Nels Benton, Dining Services Director, Heatherwood

After residents discovered Dining Services Director, Nels Benton and his wife own a farm, they requested a visit to their farm. Without hesitation, Nels agreed. On the day of the visit, which also happened to be his day off, Nels set up a shade tent and he and his wife prepared fresh fruit and drinks for the residents. Nels and his wife gave tours and presentations of the farm and crops grown there. The residents LOVED the visit to the farm and even more so that Nels and his wife opened up their home and farm to them.

Terinna McAfee

Terrina McAfee, Dining Room Supervisor, Bridge at Post Falls

Terrina has developed a very special bond to one particular resident who has experienced significant physical and cognitive decline over the past several months. Terrina made it a point to take time to learn this resident’s favorite foods and cut the food to the resident’s preference to ensure she would eat every bite. She found out the resident’s favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry and would make milkshakes to cheer her up. In this resident’s final day, Terrina ensured this resident felt loved. She made sure this resident was front and center of the community’s July 4th BBQ, where she celebrated with friends and family.

Patty Campbell, Housekeeper, Mayfair Village

Patty has been with Mayfair Village for 5 years. As a housekeeper she consistently goes above and beyond for the care of residents and assisting the entire team. She spends one-on-one time with residents, brings birthday cards and treats for residents and volunteers weekly to lead Bible study for the residents.

Robert Seiber

Robert Sieber, Security/Concierge, Lake Pointe Landing

Since joining the LPL team in February, Robert has gone the “extra mile” with his willingness to help wherever needed. Robert works 3rd shift and has assisted during 1st shift during staff shortages. He is eager to fill in and displays a can-do attitude and cheerful personality. He is a retired detective and has brought a great skill set into his role as security to ensure our community’s safety.

Susan Evans

Susan Evans, Beautician, Bridge at Ooltewah

There are few people in the world quite like Susan. She gives her whole heart in all that she does. She consistently goes out of her way with creative ideas to promote purpose and give to others. She recently went over to Life Care to do Bridge residents’ hair while they were in rehab, without being asked.

Suzanne Hickman, Care Aide, Bridge at Ocala

Suzanne came into work one day to find a resident sitting on the porch waiting on family to go to dinner. Unfortunately, the family was unable to come and take the resident to dinner. By that time, the kitchen had closed for the evening. Suzanne took her break early to get dinner for the resident with her personal funds.

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