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Associate Spotlight: Stephen Miller

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Associate Spotlight: Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is the Executive Director in Lawrenceville, GA and has been with Century Park since August of 2021. Throughout the course of his career Stephen has had the opportunity to work for communities that were owned by investors and operated by various entities. Stephen says it has been a refreshing experience to work for a privately held company.

When asked why he chooses to work in Senior Living, Stephen states, "My primary motivation for working in Senior Living is directly related to my relationship with my grandmother. She raised me. My life's work has been centered around her legacy. During my sophomore year at The University of Alabama, she was placed into an Assisted Living community in Daphne, AL. The excellent care and quality of life she received sparked my interest in this field." When asked what he loves the most about his job he says, "Each day I get an opportunity to have a positive impact on peoples' lives. My prayer each and every morning is simple, 'God I ask that you bridle my tongue and make my thoughts more careful as I lead the residents, associates, and families that you've charged me to keep.'"

For hobbies, Stephen informs us, "Well, this brings a smile to my face and extra beat to my heart. My wife, Ashley and I are going to be parents. Our bundle of joy is expected to arrive on 09/12/22. So, my new found hobby is preparing for his or her arrival."

Since February is Black History Month we asked Stephen to tell us a little about what the holiday month means to him, "I recognize, understand, & appreciate the sacrifices of those that paved the way for me to be here today. It is on their backs that I stand, and because of their fortitude that I am able to continue to be successful. While there are many popular names that often quite deservedly receive credit, there are many others that go without such recognition. I give honor to those within my family that created legacies of their own."

Stephen Miller

Stephen's role model is his late father, Vernon Ray Watts. "My dad passed away on March 30, 2019. He was cut from a different cloth. As a truck driver for over 30 years, he was made of sheer grit & determination. While my dad, was never the doting, gentle type, I always knew that he loved me and my sisters. Prior to his passing, he was able to visit one of my former communities. As he walked the building and interacted with associates and residents, he beamed with pride. He was not one for many words. He simply said, 'son I'm proud of you'".

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