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Director of Resident Care Attends Tennessee Health Care Association’s Future Leaders Conference

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Director of Resident Care Attends Tennessee Health Care Association’s Future Leaders Conference

MaryBeth Ryans, Century Park Associates' Director of Resident Care, was selected to attend the Tennessee Health Care Association's Future Leaders conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 6, 2024.

Since 1947, THCA has advocated for long-term care facilities in Tennessee, allowing its members in "privately-owned, government operated and nonprofit– as well as assisted living care facilities" to voice their opinions regarding the daily challenges of healthcare; the association is nearly acting as a productive outlet for professionals to feel heard and appreciated by the state, attendees to conferences and events, and its members. MaryBeth says, "I am looking forward to a year of growing relationships within the senior living space and getting involved in future changes that affect our residents."

The association equips and encourages healthcare leaders around the Tennessee area by "maintaining high standards of licensed long-term care facilities in TN, boosting public understanding of long-term care, providing members with educational opportunities that enhance their ability to provide quality care, and seeking positive solutions to issues facing long-term care as a liaison with the state and federal governments."

On that Tuesday, the THCA brought in eight senators and state representatives– Ed Jackson, Rusty Grills, Steve Southerland, David Hawk, Sara Kyle, John Gillespie, Adam Lowe, and Kevin Raper– from our state government to weigh in on conversations, provide feedback, and facilitate and encourage change in our healthcare/senior living systems. MaryBeth was partnered with Senator Adam Lowe saying, "It was great to meet Senator Adam Lowe and discuss the staffing crisis in health care and how it is impacting TN."

This first meeting of the year remained an impactful experience for MaryBeth on behalf of Century Park Associates and its leaders. Century Park prides itself on maintaining and developing strong, powerful leaders, and MaryBeth's attendance reflected the company's stance on the importance of leadership.

Thank you to MaryBeth for taking the time to grow as a leader at this event; you are a great example and asset to Century Park's mission.

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