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2020 Vision

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2020 New Year

This New Year brings a new decade, new goals and new mindsets. As we welcome 2020, we close a chapter in the past year and start a blank canvas for this year. The main question for the beginning of the year is – what is your New Year’s resolution? Century Park leadership and associates shared their New Year’s resolutions and visions of 2020 with us.

I really want us to continue to grow our top talent and build occupancy. We have great mission and values that can benefit so many.”

            – Dan Swiatkiewicz, national director of sales

This year, my New Year’s resolution is to spend less time in auto pilot and more time enjoying the beauty in the vastness that God has created! Being outdoors is one of my favorite things, so I’m going to spend more time exploring and hiking this year!

            – Lindsey Hughes, sales director at The Bridge at Ooltewah in Tennessee. 

 “Every new year, I choose a scripture verse as a guide through the year; a verse that speaks to the heart and offers support, hope or motivation to live out the following year with purpose and direction. My 2020 verse is: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans” (Proverbs 16:3). It is natural to make plans for our life and set goals to achieve. We also must surrender all our goals to HIM and recognize that God has the ultimate authority over each step.

            – Lori Follett, executive director at The Bridge at Greeley in Colorado

Professionally, I am going to continue to invest in our team at The Bridge. I want to help us all grow and be exceptional leaders, pushing the bar even higher. If we promote our mission at Century Park, we will provide excellent care and an exceptional dining experience, increasing the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of our residents along with their families and our associates. As someone wise once told me, ‘Do the simple things well.’ I’ve taken this to a new personal level and plan to push it even harder with our team. I also want to grow my current associates who want to further their career in senior living. This is a true passion of mine, so I question everyone out there: Who wants to grow in the senior living industry? I’m here to walk alongside you and share this wonderful and rewarding world with you!

Personally, my New Year’s resolution is to focus more on a work/life balance. If I equip my team with all they need to be successful, they will be confident in their decisions; thus allowing me to spend the time I owe to my family and myself.

            – Jill Day, executive director at The Bridge at Ooltewah

“My professional goal is to be a great resource for the residents and families I engage with. My goal is working smarter to achieve the professional milestones I am dedicated to attaining.”

           – Joel Goldin, sales director at Garden Plaza of Inverrary in Lauderhill, Florida

“I would have to say my biggest focus this year professionally is to increase our building occupancy! Also personally, I’m excited to have my first baby in July and be an amazing mom!”

           – Brooke Toner, marketing director at Quail Ridge in Pocatello, Idaho

“Work goal is to increase my region’s average occupancy. Personal goal is to read my one-year Bible and always to travel somewhere new!”  

            – Kim Schutt, mountain regional sales director

“For 2020, I am focusing on gratitude. I want to find the good in every day because there is always something to be thankful for.”

             – Leigh Atherton, director of public relations

“One of my goals for 2020 is to schedule more intentional family time – including monthly family game nights. My son will be off to college in two and a half years, and I want to savor our time together as much as I can!”

              – Dara Carroll, senior publications specialist

“This year, I want to focus on looking at situations positively. I want to share God’s word more with others. Also, I want to use that gym membership instead of donating money to it every month!”

               – Piper Kyle, public relations for Century Park Associates

“Read at least 25 books. Complain less. I feel like I am a pretty positive person and don’t grumble that much. But we all probably complain more than we think.”

              – Kristina Kaldenbach, social media coordinator for Century Park Associates

“Century Park Associates has been incredibly blessed with a strong operational platform developed by leaders and team members throughout its history. Each associate, past and present, has contributed to making this company strong in its values and commitment to serving others. Without them, Century Park would not be a trusted provider for seniors throughout the country. In 2020, we are determined to ignite dreams, passion and continued hope for our residents and associates. As providers of retirement living, our vision has always been to create an environment where people thrive. Last week, I agreed to go paragliding with one of our residents. I am looking forward to both of us fulfilling an item on our bucket list together. Each and every day, our associates make the dreams of our residents come true. These associates make Century Park a vibrant and rewarding place to live and work. Our goal daily is to inspire and encourage our team members, and commit to igniting their dreams as well. IGNITE 2020 is for all of Century Park and we are determined to celebrate each other as we continue the traditions of an established company.” 

              – Esmerelda Lee, Century Park’s chief operating officer and executive vice president

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