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4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Independence

No matter what your age, maintaining an independent lifestyle is important to all of us.


Holiday Shopping Tips

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means you might find yourself shopping more than usual.


Holiday Travel Guide – Travel Smarter, Not Harder

To help you prepare for the holidays, our teams across the country have compiled a list of holiday travel tips for you!


Sunny Rush Named Caregiver of the Year

On Sept. 29, the Colorado Health Care Association named Sunny Rush its Assisted Living Caregiver of the Year.


What's In Your Coffee

Understanding how caffeine affects your brain and natural energy processes can make a difference.


Going The Extra Mile - Regional Winners

This award recognizes outstanding associates who have gone above and beyond their job description to serve.


Down To Earth: The Benefits Of A Garden

Gardening strengthens muscles and bones, relaxes muscles and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


Bridgett Dallas Wins Century Park's Customer Service Award

Bridgett Dallas was awarded as this year’s Going the Extra Mile winner from among Century Park’s more than 40 communities nationwide.


Mother’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Learn about some of the history, traditions and fun facts about Mother's Day!


Going the Extra Mile Spotlight

Here are some of the inspiring stories from our January and February 2018 Going the Extra Mile winners


Live Longer, Live With Purpose

It’s possible that a healthy dose of purpose and self-determination could have a significant influence on your longevity.


How to Successfully Downsize

Know that this feeling of being overwhelmed can be turned around into a feeling of release.


Shining A Light on Depression

Like a late-night fog, depression can roll into your life without warning, enveloping your mind with anxiety and uncertainty.


The Fall of Focus and How to Reclaim It

If you find yourself struggling with concentration or focus, here are a few things you can do to retrain your mind and rebuild your focus.


3 New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

Your later years present different challenges that can be combatted with tangible goals and resolutions.

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