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A Spark of Creativity - Hope Cresswell

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Hope Cresswell

Hope Cresswell showcases her spark of creativity through her beautiful artwork. 

Cresswell’s love for the arts began at a young age. She said that she remembers when she stayed home sick from school as a child, she would draw families to pass the time. Creswell laughed thinking about it because she knew even as a child that she wanted a family someday. 

Cresswell always loved the paintings her grandmother did. This sparked Cresswell’s interest in oil paintings when she was in high school. Soon, art became a lifestyle for her. 

“My grandmother was so talented and never had one lesson,” bragged Cresswell. “I still have one painting of hers I received after she passed away.” 

In 1949, Cresswell was married and had three children a few years after. Being a full-time wife and mother was her career, but paintings still remained as her hobby. One of her daughters enjoys painting just like Cresswell. 

“She does fantastic work, and I’m so proud of her,” said Cresswell.

Cresswell loves painting with oils. She says it’s easier to alter, but she has attempted acrylic painting, too. She enjoys painting lighthouses and has recently started painting flowers. Natural scenery is what she loves to paint. 

She paints for others and herself, not for competition. In her hometown in Maine, she would take her paintings to the historical societies and her church for show. Although she has sold some of her artwork in the past, her main goal is to share her art rather than make a profit. 

“It’s hard to sell them after you have worked on them for so long,” said Cresswell. “I recently painted ballerina shoes, and I don’t want to let go of that one.” 

Not only does Cresswell paint, but she has also made quilts and rag dolls. She made rag dolls and quilts for all of her great-grandchildren. 

Cresswell has also painted wood designs for houses. Her husband and one of her grandsons cut out the shapes, and she painted and designed them. She would paint small colonial houses and put them on her mantel and gave some to her grandchildren. 

Cresswell now lives at Harbor Place at Cottesmore in Gig Harbor, Washington, and she is still painting. For Cresswell, art is more than just an outlet to be creative; it is a way to connect with family and people. It brings a smile to her face knowing that the love of art has been passed down from generation to generation in her family. She is proud to know that the spark of creativity her grandmother started years ago continues to flicker. 


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