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Navy Veteran Honored by City of Lauderhill

The city of Lauderhill, Florida, recently honored Simon Growick for his service in the U. S. military.


Garden Plaza veterans ride the skies in World War II biplane

In honor of their service and dedication to our country, residents enjoy a thrill with a free ride in a World War II biplane.


Thoughts of Thankfulness

As Thanksgiving approaches, Century Park residents around the country spent some time reflecting on what they are most thankful for.


Veterans Honored at Cherry Creek Retirement Village

Multiple residents were honored on Veterans Day at Cherry Creek Retirement Village for their service to our country.


Ernest J. Moore: On Sharing

Ernie estimates that he's given close to 1,000 hats away. He says he doesn't mind the expense as long as his gift is meaningful to others.


A Knight To Remember On Veterans Day

Century Park communities are honored to be home to many veterans who have sacrificed and served our country.


Halloween at Century Park

Century Park residents and associates across the country enjoyed celebrating Halloween in our senior living communities.


Don Summers – From one boat to another

The riverboats Don Summer captained in St. Louis and New Orleans were the hot spot for dancing, eating and partying.


Resident Voices - Halloween treats

Our residents reflected on Trick-or-treating as kids, and shared what their favorite Halloween candy is.


An Evening in France

When a resident dreamed of returning to her home in Paris, France, the team at Garden Plaza decided to bring France to her.


Bill Millard: Carving a Legacy

For Bill, carving is more than a hobby. It has become a creative outlet and also has given him purpose.


Outsmarting the Storm

When Hurricane Florence slammed into the East Coast, The Bridge at Charleston was ready.


Welcome, Goldwings!

An adrenaline rush can come from anything. At The Bridge at Colorado Springs in Colorado, residents get that thrill from motorcycle rides.



We dedicate this tribute to those living with Alzheimer's, their caretakers and the residents in our care who may one day be diagnosed.


Striking Gold

All that it takes to become a national champion is a good bowling ball that fits your hand correctly and a lot of practice.


Family is Forever - Joseph Kordek

For Joseph Kordek, working with the land and tending to the soil is not a burden but a blessing.


Capture The Moment - Jack Markey

When you’re happy, the moments seem to last forever. Jack Markey lives a life full of leadership and happiness.


Capture The Moment - Lynn Evans Mand

Music has allowed Lynn Evans Mand of The AbbeWood in Elyria, Ohio, to truly capture the moment.


Capture The Moment - Bud and Bea Degnan

For two married residents at The Bridge at Garden Plaza of Post Falls, Idaho, one moment in 1926 was just the start.


Family is Forever - Jack and Frances Abbott

Jack and Frances Abbott, 89- and 88-year-old residents at Westside Garden Plaza in Indianapolis, have made family everywhere they go.


Family is Forever - Selma Bird and Lillian Roll

Century Park Associates is excited to kick off National Assisted Living Week 2017 with Grandparents Day.


Resident Voices - Grandparents

What was the best advice you ever received from your grandmother or grandfather?


Fighting Alzheimer’s with Selfies

Cascade Park Retirement Community recently hosted a luau as part of an effort to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.


A House of Wishes

This summer, Westside Garden Plaza resident Mina Collier had her wish granted.


Bridging the Gap in Ocala

The Bridge’s intergenerational program began after the children at Kinderoo Academy created birthday cards for the residents each month.


The Doors God Opens

When Martin shares the stories of how she came to be chaplain of Cottesmore, she sees how one open door always led to another.


The Avid Gardener

Once a farmer's daughter, always a farmer's daughter.


Well How Do You Start The Thing?!

We at Century Park Associates thank Mr. Barnard and all of our servicemen and women for defending our freedom!


Margaret Christenson

Christenson is constantly engaging her mind and finding innovative solutions for her friends at The Bridge.


Father's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own fathers and the best advice they received over the years.


Resident Voices - The Movies

The movie-watching experience has changed quite a bit since our residents were kids. We wanted to hear about their first movie experience.


Kristie Tucker Goes the Extra Mile for Her Residents

This year, Kristie Tucker was chosen as the overall winner of Century Park’s Going the Extra Mile award from more than 40 communities.


A Bridge of Honor: How A Century Park Community Pays Tribute to Those Who Served

Century Park Associates is incredibly proud of all of our veterans and thankful to those who gave their lives in service.


Inside an Aurora independent living community, the Happy Hookers knit for the needy

A love for knitting and crafting is the common thread that has pulled a group of Aurora women together for several hours each day.


Lilia Rodriguez: Eager to Educate

Lilia looks back knowing that she lived a great life with her family while also leaving her legacy as a teacher.


Mother's Day Advice

Our residents shared memories of their own mothers and the best advice they received over the years.


Emily McDonald: A Journalist's Heart

Journalists live a life full of networking and finding out the details, but they each do it in their own way.


Jerry and Elaine Ramsey

Over time, things have certainly changed for Jerry and Elaine, but they have found their way to keep connected: technology.


Graham Witherspoon: Author, Poet and Artist

Witherspoon is not just a sailor, but someone who continues to write, paint, philosophize, care, share and believe.


The Witness: Rosa Lee Floyd

Today, Rosa Lee believes it’s her responsibility to bear witness to what life was like before and during the Civil Rights Movement.


Taking Away the Pain

The ladies at Garden Plaza at Cleveland create heart-shaped pillows for those who have undergone a medical procedure.


A Number of Reasons for Love

The Millers shared that the secret to the longevity of their love is because they have the Lord Jesus as the center of their lives.


Resident Voices - Nicknames

Whether they're sentimental or funny, strange or fitting, nicknames have a history. Our residents weighed in on how they received theirs.


David Aichele - Looking To The Sky

David’s love of the sky began when he was a child, and even after retiring from NASA, the sky was not finished amazing him.


Harbor Place at Cottesmore resident reflects on adventure as World War II medic

At Okinawa, Hart's battalion rendered aid to casualties as the 27th attacked another ridge not far from Hacksaw Ridge.

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