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National Assisted Living Week

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Today marks the start of National Assisted Living Week, and our communities have many fun activities planned to celebrate. The theme this year is Caring is EssentiAL, to shine a spotlight on the role that assisted living facilities play in caring for the seniors in communities.

We have several events planned through the week around this theme. Each day will focus on a different aspect of caring with corresponding activities. These themes for each day are: Caring Through Culture, Caring Through Connection, Caring with Courage, Caring with Commitment, Caring with Communication, Caring with Confidence and Caring with Compassion.

We start off today, Caring Through Culture, with a virtual walk-across-America program. We will be drawing a route on a map across the United States that we will be walking throughout the year. We will start out in Portland, Oregon, and end in Baltimore, Maryland. We have calculated how many steps it will take to get from each location. Each month, there will be themed activities based on the state we are in on the map to get the residents and associates out walking. Every community will start out the month with a scavenger hunt that will include different landmarks specific to that state, and they will end the month with a celebration dinner with food from the selected state. Some of the state-themed activities our residents will be participating in are a virtual tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia, a peach pie contest for the peach state, Georgia and an ice cream social to represent Oregon’s number 4 famous food.

We start this program with an ’80s themed launch party where pedometers will be handed out. Every week, we will be calculating all of our residents’ and associates’ steps to see how many more miles they need to reach the next location. The goal of this program is to get our residents engaged in healthy exercise while also being excited about learning about different states.

We are so excited to be starting off this week with so much fun, and this is just the beginning! We have many other fun activities planned throughout the rest of the week. Make sure you are following us on social media, as well as your local community, to see all the exciting events that are coming.

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