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Resident Voices - What Historical Event Affected You Most?

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Resident Voices

We asked residents all over the country about the historical events that shaped their lives. 

What major historical event affected you most? Why and what do you remember about it?

The assassination of JFK. I was sitting in class in junior high and they announced it over the intercom. 

Warren Heitman

Pointe Frontier Retirement Community

The passing of the Social Security and Medicare Act. It helps the elderly and retired citizens that need extra income. 

Florence Mioduszewski

The Heatherwood Retirement Community

Pearl Harbor because my brother went to war and had just turned 18. He was in the Navy in the medical field. 

Audrey Freed

The Bridge at Inverrary

The moon landing. My daughter sat on my lap and we watched the old black and white TV. I will never forget it!

Robert Webb

Cherry Hill Manor


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