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BREAKING NEWS! - The Inn at Garden Plaza Visits KKTV Channel 11

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The Inn at Garden Plaza

KKTV Channel 11

News and weather are mysterious and can be unpredictable sometimes for viewers at home. This past February, residents from The Inn at Garden Plaza in Colorado Springs, Colorado, solved the mystery of how the magic happens in the newsroom and on the weather wall. KKTV Channel 11, a local news station in Colorado, welcomed the residents with open arms and gave insight as to how local news stations deliver newscasts every day. 

Drew Bush, the station’s tour guide, shared the secrets on how the newscasts are aired and performed. Residents visited the control room and the anchor desk. They had a chance to sit at the anchor desk to get a feel for what it looks like from the other side of the camera. One secret that surprised most residents is that the cameras are all remotely controlled by computers. 

Next, the residents had their share of being in front of the green screen. Bush explained to the residents how the magic of the green screen works. Residents learned that meteorologists have to look into the camera, where there is a screen that viewers cannot see. This screen mirrors the meteorologist, and they have to be flexible enough to point into the correct spot while delivering their weather forecast. Everyone had a chance to practice their skills in front of the “magical” green screen to get a hands-on feel. Residents asked questions, and Bush was generous with his answers. 

“This was one of the best outings we have ever taken,” said resident Frank Lege. 


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