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Happy National Centenarian's Day!

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Do you realize only 1 in 10,000 people live to be 100 years old? As I'm in my mid 60s, I wondered what is at the core of living to be 100. I set out on a mission to explore the number of centenarians currently living in Century Park's 42 communities. Much to my surprise, we have the honor of caring for 43 centenarians.

There's Mr. Carl Miller. He turned 100 this year! When asked his secret to getting to the magic age of 100, he said, "God!" and I must agree.

Carl Miller

Dorothy Kelly turned 105 last month. When asked what she attributes her longevity to, she smiled her playful smile and said, "The Lord. ... I don't know why I have lived this long, but I guess He has a reason for it."

As I reflect on the things these 43 sets of eyes have seen and ears have heard, I am astounded. Here are but a few of the major events that happened 100 years ago in 1921:

  • The United States Congress approved the burial of an unidentified soldier from World War I at Arlington National Cemetery. The inscription on the tomb reads, "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God." The tomb has been under the guard of the military since 1926. U.S. Army soldiers act as Tomb Guards in what is considered one of the most honored positions to have in the Army. The role includes strictly outlined duties and ceremonial procedures.
  • New York Yankees pitcher Babe Ruth hit his 138th homerun, and the Yankees made their first World Series appearance.
  • Charles Bronson, Nancy Reagan and John Glenn were all born.
  • Coco Chanel introduced her famous "Chanel No. 5" fragrance.
  • A portable bathtub and water heater could be purchased for $41.85.
  • Jazz was the music of popular choice, and led by lauded jazz musicians that included Duke Ellington and Al Jolson. Another popular musician/composer was George Gershwin. Many of his songs are still recorded and listened to today.
  • A popular dance of the times was the Charleston.
Century Park Associates 2021 Centenarians

Often, I wonder what our centenarians' thoughts were on the invention of motorized automobiles, television, airplane travel, computers, cell phones, movie theatres, telemedicine and online voting. The talent they have seen and heard in the last 100 years: such stars as Clark Gable, Doris Day, Boggy, Katherine Hepburn and the magical sounds of Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, the amazing Tony Bennett and, of course, the Rat Pack - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford.

Century Park Associates 2021 Centenarians

It's an honor and privilege for Century Park associates to care for our residents who are 100+ years of age. I trust that once they're in bed at night, they hum the following:

I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world!

Century Park Associates 2021 Centenarians

  • Virginia Smith, 100, The Bridge at Ooltewah
  • Jenieve Peek , 102, The Bridge at Ooltewah
  • Dorothy Dolce, 101, The Bridge at Hickory Woods
  • Jane Vailes, 106, The Bridge at Hickory Woods
  • Norman Barnard , 102, Garden Plaza at Cleveland
  • Mildred Callaway, 102, Garden Plaza at Cleveland
  • Bettie Cooke, 100, Garden Plaza at Cleveland
  • Carl Miller, 100, Garden Plaza of Post Falls
  • Babette Gilbert, 100, Garden Plaza of Post Falls
  • Dorothy Kell, 105, Garden Plaza of Post Falls
  • Freda Catalano, 102, Garden Plaza of Post Falls
  • Thelma Stoner, 105, Westside Garden Plaza
  • Ruby Mitchell, 101, Westside Garden Plaza
  • Charlotte Horner, 100, Westside Garden Plaza
  • Lucile Chapelle, 105, Cascade Park
  • Bernice McBride, 104, Cascade Park
  • Verian Henderson, 100, Cascade Park
  • Bertha Kenagy, 100, Cascade Park
  • Elvi Allen, 100, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Marjorie Bassing, 104, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Edith Eskenasy, 100, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Jimmie Lee Hallford, 101, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • James Levi, 100, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Darrell Watson, 100, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Bonnie Wright, 100, The Bridge at Lake Pointe Landing
  • Dr. Harold Pryor, 100, The Bridge at Columbia
  • Harriet Glasgow, 104, The Bridge at Alamosa
  • Grace Helms, 100, The Bridge at Alamosa
  • Dorine Overton , 105, The Bridge at Mount Vernon
  • Laurence Rosa, 100, The Bridge at Mount Vernon
  • Myrtle McLean, 100, The Bridge at Mount Vernon
  • Carrie Drew, 103, Highland Cove
  • Athena Cairo, 100, Highland Cove
  • June Orme, 100, Highland Cove
  • Myrtle D'Evelyn, 100, Highland Cove
  • Ava Boegner, 103, The Bridge at Paradise Valley
  • Herbert Hahn, 101, Remington Heights
  • Liz Swiatek, 102, Remington Heights
  • John Carlson, 100, Remington Heights
  • Marjory Thatcher, 105, Bridgeview Estates
  • Betty Evans, 100, Bridgeview Estates
  • Vira Amende, 100, Bridgeview Estates
  • George Lee, 100, Bridgeview Estates

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