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Going the Extra Mile Spotlight

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Going the Extra Mile

Century Park Associates’ Going the Extra Mile program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are some of the inspiring stories from our January and February 2018 winners:

Jamie Archer, certified nursing assistant at Pointe Frontier in Cheyenne, Wyoming

When there was a shortage of employees working in housekeeping, Jamie scarified her day off to help housekeeping clean apartments for residents. She also volunteered to work the janitor night position while the facility was looking for a new associate to hire. She put aside her personal to-dos to help the facility continue to be the best it can be for residents. 

Miles Cunningham, maintenance worker at Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls, Idaho

When residents ask Miles to help them with tasks, he jumps at the opportunity with a cheerful attitude. He not only helps the residents, but also spends his free time with them. He has established personal relationships with residents, remembering their birthdays and delivering a slice of pizza when they don’t have family to celebrate with. Miles has worked at Bridgeview for more than 20 years and is highly appreciated by residents and other associates.

Sherri Smith, activities assistant at Quail Ridge in Pocatello, Indiana

When a resident passed away, Sherri went out of her way to make sure that another resident was able to attend the funeral. When the resident did not decide to attend the funeral until the last minute, Sherri quickly dropped her family off and drove across town to the facility to pick up the resident on her day off. She made the resident feel cared for, accommodating her with a smile. Sherri is an example of service and care for the residents.

Tom Slater, bus driver at the Bridge at Hickory Woods in Antioch, Tennessee

To prepare for an upcoming fashion show, Slater drove 10 female residents to JCPenney for the ladies to find outfits of their choice. He spent his time in the store holding the clothes for the ladies and taking pictures of them in their outfits. Respectfully, he gave his opinion on the outfits when he was asked, giving them positive feedback to help them feel beautiful for the event. Slater had a positive attitude throughout the activity and is greatly appreciated by the residents.

Felisha Knight, care manager at Highland Cove Retirement in Salt Lake City, Utah

Knight is known to help in any department when needed. On Christmas Day, she ran activities so that other associates could spend the holiday with their families. Knight is not only a full-time associate but also a full-time high school senior. Her fellow associates and residents are always eager to talk to Knight, as she is joyful and funny.


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