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Vaccinated for Love

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Vaccinated for Love

At Century Park Associates, we like to say that we "Vaccinate for Love." It is easy to overlook the true meaning of quotes such as these when they are said so often; however, one story brings meaning back to the catchy slogan that so many of us have used this past month.

Karen Black is a current employee at The Bridge at Charleston, South Carolina, while her mother, Peg, is a resident. Thanks to the amazing community and its associates, they were both able to get vaccinated together this past week.

At first, Karen was hesitant, but she took "Vaccinate for Love" to heart and chose to receive the vaccine. "It was really neat," she says of being able to share this historic moment with her mom. "It was so meaningful. In this environment, it was the best thing I could do for my family and extended family at the community."

Vaccinated for Love

Karen recalls the necklace she chose to wear the day she and her mother got the vaccine. "My daddy passed away unexpectedly six years ago," she says, "so I wore my necklace with his picture in it in his honor while taking care of my mom, that way he was there with us. I was there protecting my mother in his place. She has had dementia for quite some time, so I asked her before we got the shot if she knew who that was [in the necklace,] and she said, ‘Of course I know. That’s when I fell in love with your daddy!’"

Vaccinated for Love

During these unprecedented times, we must think about our duty and our ability to help others. We challenge you not to take phrases like "Vaccinate for Love" lightly, because being vaccinated is so much more than just a photo opportunity. To some, it might make all the difference; it might affect their entire lives.

History is being made. Being able to witness stories such as Karen's and Peg's is a blessing.

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