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World Health Day, 2021

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World Health Day

On April 7, 1947, the World Health Organization was founded.

Every year since, on the anniversary of its founding, World Health Day is celebrated. This Day announces a cause the WHO will be fighting towards for the following year. This year, it is the battle against health inequity in order to create a fairer, healthier world.

Where we live, work, and play is a large factor in our everyday health. Inequality exists; many do not have the opportunity to be as healthy as others. The WHO websites states, "Health inequities are not only unjust and unfair, but they also threaten the advances made to date, and have the potential to widen rather than narrow equity gaps." Luckily, there are strategies the WHO has assembled to combat health inequity, which will be used in the most vulnerable areas.

This year is even more unique due to the impacts of COVID-19. This impact is the harshest in the most vulnerable communities around the globe, due to less access of quality healthcare. The World Health Organization is calling on leaders to put communities first, to monitor health conditions, and to ensure a healthy work environment.

At Century Park Associates, we want to continue this dialogue, which is why at every community we are providing the COVID-19 vaccine and quality care to each individual resident. Throughout the month of April, we will be enacting initiatives to make the environments surrounding our communities across the country great places to live and to work.

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