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Longevity at Longmont

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The Bridge at Longmont

The Bridge at Longmont

     The loyalty and trust of our associates is valued by Century Park Associates. Today, we would like to spotlight The Bridge at Longmont, Colorado, and a few associates who exemplify our values of tradition, service and excellence. They have each served us faithfully for more than 10 years, even in the face of the unknowns that 2020 has held with COVID-19.

Century Park would like to recognize the following women:


Sunny Rush

    Sunny has worked at The Bridge for 14 years. After applying four times, her persistence paid off! She was hired at the Bridge in May 2006. She is currently our resident care coordinator (wellness director) and began that role in March 2014. When co-workers were asked about Sunny, they said, “Sunny is an absolute angel. She is the perfect model of compassion. She does not see the bad in anyone.”

Sunny truly loves residents and staff, and it is apparent in everything she does. The Bridge is blessed to have her.


Lisa Rademacher

   “I started working as the business office director for The Bridge at Longmont in September 2009.  When I was in my late teens, I worked with developmentally disabled adults,” recalls Lisa.

   “I connected immediately with all staff and forgot how rewarding it was to work with a population who needs assistance.  After more than 10 years of employment with The Bridge, I consider myself very blessed.  I work with amazing employees, and we all have mutual respect.” 

   The staff loves the energy and laughter that Lisa brings into the building. She is hard-working and always happy to help with any task at hand.


Lindsay Horn

   “I have worked at The Bridge for 10 years. I started out as a caregiver in 2010, then became the RCDA in 2014. The residents and my coworkers are like family to me. We have a great team at The Bridge and can always count on each other. It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping someone out that needs it and that you are truly appreciated,” says Lindsay.         

   Coworkers say that Lindsay is well respected and hard working. She truly cares for people and is a joy to be around.


Shirley McNeff

   Shirley has worked at The Bridge at Longmont for 22 years. She started her career here in January 1998 as the business office director; she then became the executive director in August 2009. Shirley said, “It was an opportunity I would have never been given. My inner and outer strength have grown immensely. It comes from my great love of the residents and of the staff.”

  Staff members share deep respect and love of Shirley, her work ethic and her compassion for others. She has been instrumental in the successful operation and outstanding reputation of The Bridge.


Karen Baki

   Karen has worked as a caregiver at The Bridge for 21 years. She is described by coworkers as very caring and loving, and she is dedicated and loyal. The Bridge is very lucky to have Karen on the team!

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