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Century Park Associates certified as a Great Place to Work

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Great Place to Work

We are so excited to announce that Century Park Associates was recently named a Great Place to Work!

The Great Place to Work Institute officially certified the company on Dec. 28, 2020. Century Park staff completed a survey in December that resulted in the company earning a 74-percent Trust Index, which is 9 percent above the industry benchmark. More than 1,500 associates completed the survey.

Esmerelda Lee, chief operating officer, shared, "Achieving this certification is an honor that cannot be bought. Basically 78 percent of our associates took time to share their voice in shaping the future of our company. I am humbled by their transparency and the trust they place in Century Park. Research shows that in communities where associates are happy and engaged, you will see it reflected in the faces of residents. Happy employees equal happy residents. In 2021, we will work together to not just shape the story of a company, but to tell and shape the story of the incredible people we work alongside and the residents we serve. And for that we are grateful."

Ninety-three percent of associates shared that they are proud of how the company supports giving back to the local communities. Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they felt like their job had meaning and was more than just a job, while 87 percent said they felt their onboarding program was welcoming and gave them the needed tools for success. Eighty-seven percent also said they felt like their work environment is safe.

Hannah Thurmond, lifestyles coordinator at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove in Collegedale, Tennessee, said, "Being employed by a company that is considered 'A Great Place to Work' is something I can take comfort and pride in. I was told by one of my professors in college that when you love what you are doing, it does not feel like work. That is something that I experience every day when I come to Garden Plaza. The residents have become family, whom I want to be around, and I miss dearly when I am not here. I know that I can make a difference in the lives of others, but it is easier knowing I can do that at a place that is A Great Place to Work."

Sunny Rush, Resident Care Coordinator at The Bridge at Longmont, Colorado, shared, "I wake up every morning, knowing that The Bridge is a great place to work, because coming here every day feels just like coming home. This is not a job to me, but a community, full of my family and friends. We take care of each other because we want to, and it is a privilege. We function as a family and team. Our residents and staff achieve everything together!"

Jagger Turner, the dining doom supervisor at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove, explained, "Before coming to work here at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove, I struggled to find joy in any job that I had. I worked countless hours, sacrificed time away from my family, and at times even dreaded going to my job. Once I joined the family, (yes I mean family) here at Garden Plaza, I knew that I found what I was missing before. My first day in the building I was welcomed by the leadership team with smiling faces, kind words and a sense of gratitude that I never felt before. I instantly felt like I was at home and comfortable. The management team was so open to help with anything a new associate would need. The residents were so welcoming and genuinely embraced us being here. Now, a little over a year later, I am part of our leadership team, and I am reminded every day of that feeling I had when I walked into Garden Plaza for the first time. During the time that I have been a part of our family here, I have found a positive work/life balance, been able to support my family, was given time to be with my wife and newborn son after he was born and have been given so many opportunities to grow and continue to learn within our community. Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove has truly been life changing for me and my family. I will be forever grateful."

Other comments on the survey included the positive teamwork associates have experienced, as well as the company’s people-first philosophy and celebration of achievements.

Sharon Winston, receptionist at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove, said, "Our daily greeting of 'We're having a beautiful day at Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove' is based on the culture of togetherness found in the team members, associates and at the executive level, which embraces each resident with genuine care and concern. Together we create and customize a beautiful day of service and valued contribution for all of us."

Resident Care Coordinator of The Bridge at Sandpoint, Idaho, Amanda Rodriguez, says that she is honored to be part of such an amazing team. "It's no surprise that the community was recognized as a certified Great Place to Work. We are family. It doesn't even feel like work!"

Similarly, Marlyn Ramos, Dining Room Supervisor at The Bridge at Longmont said of her experience, "I have worked at The Bridge for twelve years and eight months. I'm so happy to be working here because all of the management team is wonderful. They are like a family to me. Last year, I had a bad year because of health issues. Shirley, Lisa and all of my coworkers were always there for me when I needed them. I love them and all of the residents. It’s been so wonderful working here, and I plan to retire from The Bridge!"

Savannah Debusk, med tech at The Bridge at Sandpoint, agreed with her. "The Bridge at Sandpoint is known as a desirable place to work in our local community. We are a family here. I am proud to work for Century Park and to serve our residents every day!"

Meredith, sales director at The Bridge at Longmont, said, "As the newest member of the management team, I am humbled by the opportunity to be in a position where I may be of service to others. From the first contact I had at The Bridge, which was a telephone conversation with Shirley, I got a feeling about this place; something good is happening here! It is important to me to be a part of a community with other professionals who are equally as passionate about serving seniors, and I’ve found that in the team at The Bridge at Longmont. I have been welcomed with open arms, by both residents and staff alike. This community has a huge heart, and you can feel it the minute you walk in the door."

The support center, which is the term used to describe Century Park's Corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, earned a 91-percent Trust Index.

"Our teams have worked very hard to achieve this recognition as a certified Great Place to Work, and we are so excited to have this recognition as an organization," said Danielle Rhodes, director of talent development. "Over the past year, we have seen our teams face new challenges and work together in ways we never imagined. We created platforms for associates to get involved and to be engaged in decisions that impacted them. Every voice matters, and their feedback is critical. Supporting our associates through the engagement survey process gives them a venue for open and honest feedback that establishes two-way communication and involves the associates in strategic business decisions that will ultimately impact them."

We are so thankful to have residents, associates and family members who make us the company we are today. Without you, we would not be a Great Place to Work!

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