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Resident Voices - Growing Older

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Growing older

Getting older has it perks. With age comes wisdom, self-confidence and less stress. We asked residents all over the country about their experience growing older and they let us know their thoughts. 

What is the hardest thing about growing older? What is the best thing about growing older?

The hardest thing: Losing the freedom of coming and going. The best thing: Knowing how loved you are.

Terri Rizzo

The Bridge at Inverrary, FL

The hardest thing: Living alone; I miss my husband. The best thing: You become wiser and don’t have to worry about your wrinkles anymore.

Marion Hightower

The Bridge at Longmont, CO

The hardest thing: Not accepting growing older. The best thing: Getting away with things.

Peggy Sharrow

The Bridge at Ocala, FL

The hardest thing: Having short-term memory loss. I can remember years ago, but not things from yesterday. The best thing: Having great-grandchildren.

Doris Jackson

Garden Plaza at Cleveland, TN

The hardest thing: Growing older and the loss of my wife and friends. The best thing: Getting to relax and enjoy it. I appreciate living at The Bridge, it’s a nice place. 

Nolen Kelly

The Bridge at Hickory Woods, TN

The hardest thing: Realizing all the things you used to do are harder to do now. The best thing: Being spoiled and having people do things for you. 

Wanita GronDia

The Abbewood, OH

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