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Father's Day Advice

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Father's Day Advice

Happy Father’s Day from Century Park Associates! Our residents shared memories of their own fathers and the best advice they received over the years.

What was the best advice you ever received from your father?

Don’t get your name on the police blotter. – Tom, Harbor Place at Port St. Lucie

Get married once and that’s it. – Chuck, The Bridge at Longmont

When I was ready to go to high school, my father told me to learn something that would help me later in life if I needed to support myself. – Pearl, Heatherwood Retirement Community

Take care of your mother. – John, The Bridge at Paradise Valley

The best advice my father gave me was silent advice given in the ways that he lived. Kind, gentle, generous and especially extremely patient. – Graham, The Inn at Garden Plaza

If you have some kind words or flowers, give them to me while I am alive and can enjoy them. - Nolen, The Bridge at Hickory Woods

If I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. – Paul, The Bridge at Charleston

Always watch your back. – Ed, Harbor Place at Port St. Lucie

What’s best for you is best for me. – Daniel, The Bridge at Longmont

Neither a borrower or lender be. – Skipper, Heatherwood Retirement Community

Educate yourself into a better situation. – Stevie, The Bridge at Paradise Valley

Always eat your dessert first because you may not have room for it at the end of your meal! – Lynda, The Inn at Garden Plaza

Always be yourself. – Lucille, The Bridge at Ooltewah

Lil lady, you do the right thing and God will do the rest! - Elizabeth, The Bridge at Hickory Woods

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